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Chechnya to Hold Jury Trials for Suspected Terrorists And Extremists

Posted by Info on 25/01/2010

The Chechen government has laid the foundation for jury trials in the North Caucasus republic, the last Russian region where they have not been held. Now a main list of jurors with 6,040 names has been compiled.

In December 2008, Medvedev signed a law barring suspected terrorists and extremists from being tried by jury after several jury trials in the North Caucasus failed to result in convictions, but a last December Medvedev reinstated the region’s right to jury trials.

The first jury trials started work in 10 Russian regions in 1993 and 1994. The Soviet Union abolished jury trials in 1922, 58 years after their first introduction under the tsar.

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Узбекистан: Комитет ООН По Дискриминации Женщин (Ru + Eng)

Posted by Info on 25/01/2010

Комитет ООН по ликвидации дискриминации в отношении женщин (CEDAW) рассмотрел 20 января 2010 года в Женеве четвертый периодический доклад Узбекистана о том, как эта страна реализует положения Конвенции о ликвидации дискриминации в отношении женщин.

На официальном веб-сайте Комитета Организации Объединенных Наций (ООН) по искоренению дискриминации в отношении женщин (CEDAW) размещен текст выступления главы делегации Республики Узбекистан А.Х.Саидова на 45-ой сессии этого Комитета (20 января, 2010 года).

Рассмотрение докладов, представленных государствами-участниками в соответствии со статьей 18 Конвенции о ликвидации всех форм дискриминации в отношении женщин
Ответы, касающиеся перечня тем и вопросов, связанных с рассмотрением четвертого периодического доклада

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How Putin Fights Police Corruption? – Those Who Dare To Speak Go To Jail!

Posted by Info on 25/01/2010

Alexei Dymovskiy in handcuffs, under reinforced guard, is transported to the SIZO (pre-trial custody) even before the judgement in Krasnodar.

The procedure of 22. January fast judicial session was scripted well in advance: the militia cordoned the court building and brought Alexei Dymovskiy to the SIZO. Dymovskiy was summoned for interrogation to the inspector of the investigatory committee of Novorossisk, where he went together with his advocates.

“The whole scenario was written well in advance, and the judgement was pre-programmed. The court building was cordoned in advance, the truck for transporting inmates stood ready, and plenty of militiamen around, who then convoyed him to the truck.”

Militia Major Dymovskiy placed in the Internet his video appeal to Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, telling about numerous malversations of militia bosses, in particular, heads of the UVD (City Interior Department) of Novorossisk.

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Human Rights In Northern Caucasus – It’s Tragic

Posted by Info on 25/01/2010

On January 20, the HRW published its annual report on the trends in the area of defending human rights. The 612-page document analyses the situation in more than 90 states and regions of the world in 2009.

> “Despite the attenuation of the conflict in Chechnya, last year Russia saw a shocking series of murders and threats of those who try to struggle against impunity in Northern Caucasus,the HRW reports runs.

“As a rule, the Russian party makes timely payments awarded by the court, but it fails in ensuring real enforcement of the essence of decisions; that is, those guilty are not brought to responsibility, even when the European Court has established the names and whereabouts of wrongdoers,” marks Tatiana Lokshina, a representative of the HRW. “Moreover, a trend is observed, when investigatory bodies are directly challenging certain decisions of the European Court aiming to justify closure of cases and refusal from criminal prosecution of infringers.”

And how reacts Chechen president Kadyrov?
He wish to develop tourism in the republic and announced his plans to create a large ski resort in the republic’s southeastern Argun Gorge, on the bordeer with Georgia, which had been a militant stronghold for years.

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