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U.S. Grants Political Asylum To Uzbek Dissident Tashpulat Yuldashev

Posted by Info on 26/01/2010

On January 26, 2010 Tashpulat Yuldashev, prominent Uzbek political scientist and dissident, left for United States of America, whose government offered him the refugee status.
Tashpulat Yuldashev had to flee Uzbekistan in the summer of 2008. He is a former diplomat that worked 15 years for Uzbek Foreign Ministry in Middle East. Yuldashev lost his job in 1992 when he participated in the preparation of Erk opposition party program.

The UN High Commissioner for Refugees supports relocate people, looking for asylum, in third country if there are relative ties. The children of Yuldashev live in Germany and Germany agreed to give asylum. At the same time, so did the United States. Mr. Yuldashev preferred the United States”.

Tashpulat Yuldashev wrote several articles: «On the future of relations between West and Uzbekistan», «What is going on in Uzbekistan?» and others.

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U.S. Sends Uzbek From Guantanamo Prison To Switzerland

Posted by Info on 26/01/2010

The Swiss agreed to take the Guantanamo detainee on humanitarian grounds and said that he posed no danger, noting he had been cleared for release in 2005. He will get immigrant status and be eligible to work.

The prisoner was the latest transferred from the facility as the Obama administration seeks to close the controversial prison opened in 2002 to house foreign terrorism suspects.
There are still 192 prisoners at the facility, which has long been criticized by human rights activists and foreign governments. Obama and other critics say the prison has served as a recruiting symbol for anti-American militants.

The latest transfer represents a small acceleration by the Obama administration to remove detainees from the facility. Three detainees were sent to Slovakia on Sunday, two Algerians were sent home last week and 12 detainees were sent to Yemen, Afghanistan and Somaliland in late December.

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Russian President Dmitry Medvedev Faces Scandals

Posted by Info on 26/01/2010

Interior Minister Rashid Nurgaliyev, who vowed last August to eradicate corruption in his ministry, now hhe – this same minister ordered a federal probe into Dymovsky’s claims about police corruption.

This and other scandals prompted President Dmitry Medvedev in December to order the wholesale reform of the Interior Ministry, trimming police numbers and raising salaries in an effort to reduce corruption.

Alexei Dymovsky is facing charges of fraud and abuse of office with a possible prison sentence of up to 10 years after he posted online video messages last year urging a nationwide crackdown on police corruption.

In his online appeal, Dymovsky said department chiefs forced officers to solve nonexistent crimes and even “jail innocent people” to artificially improve crime figures. He complained that ordinary staff were treated “like cattle,” had no days off or sick leave, and said young people joined the police on a 12,000 rubles monthly wage ($413) because they knew they would be able to survive on bribes.

Shortly after posting his claims, Dymovsky was fired for “libel and action that tarnishes the police force.” Later he was arrested.

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В 2009 Милиционеры Совершили 5 Тыс Yголовных Преступлений

Posted by Info on 26/01/2010

Это на 11% больше, чем в 2008 году. За последний год российские СМИ практические каждую неделю сообщали о преступлениях, совершенных сотрудниками милиции.
Как рассказал в интервью агентству Франс пресс официальный представитель департамента Андрей Московкин, более трех тысяч преступлений связаны с коррупцией и превышением должностных полномочий.

В конце декабря прошлого года президент Дмитрий Медведев подписал указ о совершенствовании работы МВД, согласно которому численность сотрудников ведомства к 2012 году будет сокращена на 20%.
В минувшее воскресенье Медведев вновь поднял этот вопрос, заявив, что подписанный им указ – лишь начало реформы.


6 ноября Дымовский на собственном сайте разместил два видеообращения, адресованных премьер-министру РФ Владимиру Путину. В них он рассказывает о многочисленных злоупотреблениях милицейского начальства.
Дымовского в наручниках отвели в приготовленный заранее автозак и вывезли с территории суда.

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