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To UN HUMAN RIGHTS COUNCIL – Joint Study On Global Practices In Relation To Secret Detention In Context Of Countering Terrorism

Posted by Info on 27/01/2010

REPORT HERE: Joint study on global practices in relation to secret detention in the context of countering terrorism of the Special Rapporteur on the promotion and protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms while countering terrorism, the Special Rapporteur on torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment, the Working Group on Arbitrary Detention and the Working Group on Enforced or Involuntary Disappearances. Summary here

LITHUANIA – page 62, footnote 98 and 99
..Lithuania Hosted Secret CIA Prison …CIA Secret ‘Torture’ Prison Found at Fancy Horseback Riding Academy…

GEORGIA– point 134, page 76
..• Two men seized in Georgia in early 2002 and sold to US forces … both were rendered to the “Dark Prison”, and were also held in other detention facilities in Afghanistan. “The Americans didn’t capture me. The Mafia captured me. They sold me to the Americans”. He added, “When I was captured, a car came around and people inside were talking Russian and Georgian. I also heard a little Chechnya[n]. We were delivered to another group who spoke perfect Russian. They sold us to the dogs. The Americans came two days later with a briefcase full of money. They took us to a forest, then a private plane to Kabul, Afghanistan”.

UZBEKISTAN – point 158, page 96
…and former intelligence officials working in Europe, the Middle East and the United States”, who stated that the US had “sent terror suspects to Uzbekistan for detention and interrogation”. A US intelligence official said that he “estimated that the number of terrorism suspects sent by the United States to Tashkent was in the dozens”. The New York Times also obtained flight logs, showing that “at least seven flights were made to Uzbekistan … from early 2002 to late 2003” ….

UZBEKISTAN – points 205 – 206, page 126
…concern “at the numerous allegations of excessive use of force and ill-treatment by Uzbek military and security forces in the May 2005 events at Andijan which resulted, according to the State party, in 187 deaths and according to other sources, 700 or more, and in hundreds of others being detained thereafter. Notwithstanding the State party’s persistent response to all allegations …reported abuses, including ascertaining information on the whereabouts and reported torture or ill-treatment of persons detained and/or missing. The Committee has also received credible reports that some persons who sought refuge abroad and were returned to the country have been kept in detention in unknown places

TURKMENISTAN – points 203 – 204, page 125
…On 7 October 2005, the Special Rapporteur on torture sent an urgent appeal to the Government of Turkmenistan concerning the situation of a number of individuals convicted in December 2002 and January 2003 to prison terms ranging from five years to life for their alleged involvement in the assassination attempt. The Rapporteur noted these prisoners continued to be held incommunicado, without access to families, lawyers

RUSSIA – points 207 – 214, page 128
…North Caucasus … “a considerable number of persons alleged that they had been held for some time, and in most cases ill-treated, in places which did not appear to be official detention facilities, before being transferred to a recognised law enforcement structure…In October 2009, the Human Rights Committee expressed concern about ongoing reports of torture and ill-treatment, enforced disappearance, arbitrary arrest, extrajudicial killing and secret detention in Chechnya and other parts of the North Caucasus committed by military, security services and other state agents, and that the authors of such violations appear to enjoy widespread impunity due to a systematic lack of effective investigation and prosecution.” The Committee was “particularly concerned that the number of disappearances and abduction cases in Chechnya has increased in the period 2008-2009.”

On 29 December 2009 Nurdi Nukhazhiev, Ombudsman of Chechnya reported: Close relatives of more than 5000 kidnapped and missing citizens are exasperated by the inaction (throughout many years already)…

…X.Y. explained how in Dagestan in late 2007, and taken to “a secret facility which he called a concentration camp ‘where people do not come back from’, in Gudermes district, Chechnya”, run by the FSB, the GRU and the ATC . He described being held in an old concrete building, recalled a terrible smell and walls covered in blood”, and explained that he was “severely tortured” for ten days, which included receiving electric shocks, being beaten with iron bars, and being burned with a lighter. He also explained that he “was never given food and received only one glass of water per day”, and that he “witnessed a man beaten to death whose organs were then removed”. ….“several other secret facilities such as the one where he had been held exist in Chechnya, and since more recently, also in Dagestan..

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Russian Parliament Ratifies European Court Reform – Protocol 14

Posted by Info on 27/01/2010

The upper house of Russia’s parliament voted Wednesday to ratify a key protocol on reforming the European Court of Human Rights, allowing the reform to go ahead after years of resistance from Moscow.137 members had voted in favour and none against.President Dmitry Medvedev’s signature is still needed for the complete ratification process.

The Federation Council agreed unanimously to ratify Protocol 14 of the European Convention on Human Rights, for streamlining the work of the Strasbourg-based court and reducing its backlog of cases.

Russia was the last member of the 47-nation Council of Europe not to have ratified the protocol.
Russia is the biggest source of pending cases at the court. Some 27,000 cases out of the 112,000 cases awaiting review by the court originated from Russia, according to the Russian foreign ministry. Many of those cases have focused on conditions in Russian prisons and abuses committed by government forces in war-torn Chechnya.

Russian officials said they dropped their opposition after the Council of Europe agreed to a provision stating that a Russian judge would take part in any decisions on Russia.

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UN Report Blasts US Over Human Rights Abuses – Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Georgia, Lithuania and Russia

Posted by Info on 27/01/2010

A United Nations’ report says the US has been violating basic human rights by kidnapping and holding terrorism suspects in secret detention centers during the past nine years.
The US is among dozens of countries that have kidnapped suspects, four independent UN rights investigators said in a year-long study based on flight data and interviews with 30 former detainees.

“On a global scale, secret detention in connection with counter-terrorist policies remains a serious problem,” they wrote in the 226-page report which is expected to be presented to the UN Human Rights Council in March.

Secret detention as such may constitute torture or ill-treatment for the direct victims as well as their families, the report said. Victims and their families deserve compensation and those responsible should be prosecuted, said the four independent investigators.

The UN report explained that the purpose of the secret detentions was to cover up torture and inhuman treatment of the detainees in an effort to obtain information or silent the subjects.

The rights investigators said running facilities such as those used by the Nazis, the Soviet gulag system and Latin American dictatorships in the 1970s and ’80s, was banned under the internationally recognized laws laid out in the Geneva Conventions.

They also said establishment of secret detention could not be justified under any circumstances, including during states of emergency or armed conflict.

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Совет Федерации Ратифицировал 14-Й Протокол По Реформированию ЕСПЧ

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Совет Федерации на заседании в среду ратифицировал Протокол №14 к Европейской конвенции о защите прав человека и основных свобод, который предусматривает реформирование Европейского суда по правам человека (ЕСПЧ).
Россия стала последней страной из членов Совета Европы, ратифицировавшей этот документ, что позволяет приступить к реформированию работы ЕСПЧ.

Протокол №14 был подписан РФ в Страсбурге 4 мая 2006 мая. Однако в декабре того же года Госдума отказалась его ратифицировать, поскольку у российской стороны был целый ряд вопросов к этому документу. В настоящее время все они, как отмечалось на заседании Госдумы, устранены, благодаря большой работе, проделанной представителями РФ и Комитета министров Совета Европы (КМСЕ)

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Глава Парламентской Ассамблеи Совета Европы O России и Грузии

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Господин председатель Мевлют Чавушоглу, Россия, как известно, не выполнила ни одной из резолюций ПАСЕ о последствиях российско-грузинского конфликта. Многие критики Москвы говорят, что, не проявляя жесткость в отношении российских властей, ПАСЕ подрывает собственные устои.

Прежде всего, последняя резолюция по этому вопросу, которую Ассамблея одобрила в октябре, была более справедливой, нежели та, которую мы одобрили сразу после войны в августе 2008 года. В той, первой резолюции мы потребовали от России очень серьезных политических шагов, но реализовать эту резолюцию было очень сложно. Мы, конечно, имеем право на чем-то настаивать, но мы также должны быть реалистами. И последняя резолюция была вполне реалистичной и справедливой – в ней мы сосредоточились на гуманитарном кризисе.

То, что потребовали от России в этом документе, поддержали мы все. Мы сейчас ожидаем от России исполнения этих требований. … И Россия должна выполнять требования, которые к ней предъявляют.

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В Узбекистане Обвинения Женщине-Фотографу И Спортивному Журналисту

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Известного узбекского фотографа-документалиста и кинооператора Умиду Ахмедову обвинили в клевете и очернении узбекского народа и государства, сообщает 25 января агентство AFP следствие сочло, что альбом ее фотографий “Женщины и мужчины: от рассвета до заката” и документальный фильм “Бремя девственности”, в настоящий момент хранящиеся в посольстве Швейцарии, оскорбляют достоинство узбекского народа и страны в целом.

Швейцарское посольство в Узбекистане, при поддержке которого был выпущен альбом и снят фильм, предпочло не вмешиваться в конфликт и отказалось от любых комментариев.

Тем временем другому узбекскому журналисту, заместителю главного редактора спортивной газеты “Чемпион” Хайрулло Хамидову предъявлено обвинение “Незаконная организация общественных объединений или религиозных организаций”.По словам адвоката и друзей Хамидова, он частично признал свою вину, сообщив, что участвовал в двух праздниках проходивших в связи с рождением ребенка, во время которых обсуждались и религиозные вопросы, в частности тема исламского течения “Салафия”.

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