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New Strategy In Russia? – World’s First Chocolate With A Taste Of Politics

Posted by Info on 04/02/2010

Mikhail Khodorkovsky chocolate bars and coarse brown mittens that he could have knitted in prison were delivered to 1,000 celebrities and journalists around the country Wednesday by Yekaterina Belyavskaya, the 29-year-old Moscow artist. She did not want people to forget the former Yukos billionaire and had included him on her mailing list.
“This is a purely artistic project without any political meaning. We just wanted to remind people about his fate.”

Khodorkovsky spokesman Maxim Dbar said the tycoon’s defense team was not involved in the project.
The chocolate bar’s wrapping, which features a picture of Khodorkovsky, describes its contents as “very bitter chocolate.”
The plain mitten has a designer label bearing Khodorkovsky’s signature.

“This is a unique gift set that contains a super glove from Khodorkovsky and the world’s first chocolate with a taste of politics,” says a letter accompanying the packages.

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Russia In Lead In 2009 By Number Of Claims Submitted To ECHR

Posted by Info on 04/02/2010

By the outcomes of 2009, Russia is in the first place by the number of claims submitted against its government and pending consideration at the European Court on Human Rights (ECtHR).

The total number of claims that arrived from Russia in 2009 exceeds 13,600; while in total 33,500 claims against Russian authorities are waiting for their consideration by the Strasbourg Court.
The majority of them refer to events in Chechnya.

Since the total number of cases yet to be considered is 119,300, the Russia’s share makes 28.1 percent.

However, experts explain Russia’s leadership in the number of complaints just by the great population of our country.
“If we recalculate the burden by 100,000 of population, we’ll see Russia’s stable 15th-16th place among 47 Council of Europe member-states”.

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Kadyrov Plans To Sue Alekseeva, 82 years old Head of Moscow Helsinki Group

Posted by Info on 04/02/2010

The law enforcement bodies of Chechnya have sent materials to Moscow for excitation of a criminal case against Liudmila Alekseeva, head of the oldest Russian human rights organization – Moscow Helsinki Group (MHG)for slandering Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov in connection with Ms Alekseeva’s statement AT THE PRESS CONFERENCE ON MAY 23, 2008, in Moscow.

In the end of the press conference ALEKSEEVA SAID THAT KADYROV’S GANGS GO AROUND CHECHNYA, KILL AND KIDNAP PEOPLE, AND DO WHATEVER THEY WOULD,” said Mr Krasnenkov and added that the Chechen Prosecutor’s Office had seen in the words of the head of the MHG attributes of the crime stipulated by the article of “slander”.

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