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Next Witch-hunt In Latvia – Blacklisting “disloyal” “Citizen” without Citizenship

Posted by Info on 07/02/2010

Latvian have started another witch-hunt by threatening “disloyal car owners” who fix Russian symbols. (Latvian in Latvia), has published a so-called “Okupantu autoparks,” an “Occupants’ car park,” list of those who dared to decorate their cars with the Russian symbols, revealing personal data of these citizens.
The black list reveals personal information and the names of 118 persons, including their home addresses and car plate numbers.

The witch-hunt was organized not only in Latvia’s capital Riga, but also throughout the country. Any car seen with the abovementioned symbols was photographed and put on that list. Some people from that list have already been blackmailed by e-mail. There is a risk of their cars being smashed or desecrated with paint, but the real concern is for affected children.

Latvian police says the website is out of Latvia’s jurisdiction, but the very fact of publishing personal info, probably stolen from some governmental source, is illegal, so an investigation has been launched to find out and fine those guilty.

Latvian police sees no incitement of ethnic hatred in this case, so the real patriots of the country continue with their job openly, waiting in ambush for disloyal citizens and publishing personal info on them for public use. Needless to say, the names of the crusaders themselves remain in the shadows.

About 44% (up to 95% in certain regions of the country) of Latvia’s 2.3 million population are Russian-speakers, and many of them still cannot get citizenship because of it.

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Latvians Worried About Decision To Accept Gitmo Inmate

Posted by Info on 07/02/2010

US President Barack Obama has requested Europe to accept detainees from Jail in Cuba. Latvia is among several European nations – including France, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Portugal, Slovakia and Spain – that in recent months have responded to Obama’s request.

Latvia initially considered taking in three former inmates but reduced its offer to one.
The man, described as a former detainee, is reportedly an Uzbek who spent five years at Guantanamo after being detained in Afghanistan. He would arrive within the next six months. He would be considered for refugee status and provided with an apartment and a monthly allowance. US authorities had categorized him as someone who did not pose a threat to the public.

But not everyone shares that view. Although the Latvian security services will be closely monitoring the newcomer, some local citizens are concerned.

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В Таджикистане Блокируют Оппозиционные Сайты – Прессинг Yсиливается

Posted by Info on 07/02/2010

Прессинг усиливается и на печатные СМИ, судебные иски предъявлены сразу трем таджикским газетам.

Информация о блокировке двух оппозиционных сайтов Центразия.ру и Арианна.су. появилась в начале января. Тем не менее по сегодняшний день многие интернет-провайдеры Таджикистана по-прежнему не предоставляют доступ к сайту Центразия.ру.

Получить комментарии в одной из блокирующих доступ компаний, “Сатурн-Онлайн”, не удалось – официальные лица отказались говорить. Более мелкие операторы, покупающие у данного провайдера трафик, также не могут предоставить разъяснений по этому поводу.

Hикакого официального запрета или указания об ограничении доступа к каким-либо сайтам не было. Cейчас невозможно доказать, что блокировка осуществляется по указу властей. В 2006 году накануне президентских выборов интернет-провайдеры получили письмо о блокировке пяти сайтов, и тогда у них на руках были доказательства вмешательства властей.

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