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Personal Opinion of Kyrgyz Photographer “Damaged” Relationship with Russia?

Posted by Info on 08/02/2010

The 54-year-old photographer Melnikoff, who immigrated to the United States on late 1980s, has visited the Central Asian country frequently over the past 10 years, taking panoramic photos of its mountainous landscapes.

His website claims that one of his photos — titled “The Land of the Kyrgyz” — featuring the Old Tassor Pass in the Tien Shan range is the most expensive photograph in Asia” and was purchased from the Melnikoff Gallery for the price of $300,000 as a birthday gift for President Bakiev.

Melnikoff’s photo exhibition, titled “The Land of the Kyrgyz,” celebrates the country’s sweeping mountain landscapes. It was due to open at Bishkek’s National Museum of Art on February 11.
But Melnikoff has created a firestorm in the Central Asian nation over his scathing criticism of Russia, which is Kyrgyzstan’s most important international partner.
Kyrgyzstan has close links with Russia, which has promised over $2 billion in investment and loans to the cash-strapped country’s economy.

However, it was Melnikoff’s other website that have caused this controversy.
He runs also the website,, that is extremely critical of Russia and particularly its policies toward Chechnya and Georgia.
Using sometimes colorful language, the website accuses Soviet and Russian leaders — from Vladimir Lenin to Vladimir Putin — of terror and genocide. Melnikoff’s website notes millions of people were killed during what he called the Soviet “Red Terror,” and later in Afghanistan and Chechnya.

Melnikoff’s collection of photos on that site includes one titled “Chronicles of Hell.” Taken from wartime Chechnya, it features graphic images of victims of the war, including children with amputated limbs and burned bodies, ruined houses and destroyed lives….

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Войска Вернулись К Стрельбе На Северном Кавказе – Кто есть кто?

Posted by Info on 08/02/2010

Последние сводки с Северного Кавказа свидетельствуют, что в регионе опять начинаются, по сути, полномасштабные боевые действия. При этом противоборствующие стороны применяют самое современное оружие и способы вооруженной борьбы…
В Чечне на днях в нескольких километров к югу от села Комсомольское…. насчитывающего до 15 бандитов, федеральные силы впервые в этом году применили артиллерию.
Возникает вопрос: откуда у боевиков бронебойно-зажигательные снаряды? …Для экспертов не секрет, что бронебойно-зажигательные и повышенной пробиваемости патроны являются наиболее дефицитными на нелегальных рынках вооружений. …Можно допустить, что бронебойно-зажигательные патроны попали к боевикам из российских арсеналов.

Заметим, что первоначально операцию под селом Комсомольское президент Чечни Рамзан Кадыров охарактеризовал как довольно успешную«убиты шесть участников вооруженного подполья, в том числе один арабский наемник». По словам главы республики, ее проводили сотрудники местных силовых структур, УФСБ и военнослужащие батальона спецназа Внутренних войск МВД России «Север». И лишь потом источники в Башкирии сообщили, что в операции погибли четверо военнослужащих уфимского отряда спецназа Внутренних войск МВД РФ, а еще четверо из них были ранены.

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Presidential Election In Ukraine – “No Major Irregularities” Said EU Mission

Posted by Info on 08/02/2010

There have been no reports of extensive breaches of voting procedure at Ukraine’s presidential polls runoff, the chief of the EU monitoring mission said on Monday.

Yanukovych, a 59-year-old former premier who was defeated by outgoing President Viktor Yushchenko in the 2004 polls after initial election results were annulled over fraud, earlier claimed victory over Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko in Sunday’s runoff.
But with the gap steadily decreasing, Yanukovych is currently less than 3% ahead of his bitter rival, after over 93% of the ballots have been counted.
Tymoshenko has refused to concede, saying the result is too close to call. The premier has also said she will urge her supporters to demonstrate if she feels the election has been rigged in favor of Yanukovych.

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3 Human Rights Defenders Arrested By Authorities in Shali District Of Chechnya

Posted by Info on 08/02/2010

Yesterday, on February 7, 2010, at about 7 p.m. in Shali town (Shali district of Chechen republic) three Russian human rights defenders were arrested by the local authorities. One of the local officials was Mr. Magomed Daudov – a head of Shali district department of Ministry of Internal. The human rights defenders were brought to Shali district department of Ministry of Internal (“Shalinskiy ROVD”).

All three arrested are the members of the joint mobile group created by number of Russian NGOs within limits of a Public Commission on Chechnya. The joint mobile groups started its work on the territory of Chechnya in November 2009 and has been investigating until now kidnappings and killings that took place in Chechnya recently and were presumably committed by local authorities.
As we managed to find out the members of the group were arrested during a meeting with an unknown Chechen citizen who had promised them before to provide them with important information concerning one person who was kidnapped in Shali district. However, during the meeting two member of the group – Vladislav Sadykov and Roman Veretennikov – were arrested and delivered to the office of the head of Shali district department of Ministry of Internal. An hour and a half later the third member of the group – Dmitriy Egoshin – was arrested by road police and delivered to the same place.

The Public Commission on Chechnya asks to spread this information as widely as possible and send requests to Chechen and federal Prosecutors, FSS, Ombudsman and other bodies demanding impartial investigation of this situation.
For further information you can contact CAT staff supporting JMG’s activities Oleg Khabibrakmanov (now in Chechnya, mobile +7 951 9086066) or Olga Sadovskaya (mobile +7 951 902 4384).

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