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Medvedev Lets Cameras on Red Square – Ban to Be Lifted

Posted by Info on 11/02/2010

The Federal Guard Service said that it has agreed to lift a ban on photo and video shoots on the Kremlin’s territory. The service has drafted an order lifting the January 2008 ban on orders from Medvedev.

A Moscow-based photographer and popular blogger, Dmitry Ternovsky, met Medvedev at the Krasnaya Polyana ski resort near Sochi and later posted a YouTube video on Jan. 26 showing his conversation with Medvedev on a snowy slope. In the video, Medvedev called the ban “stupid,” saying he has “given an order” and “soon shooting will be allowed.”

The order would allow photo and video shooting with professional cameras throughout the publicly accessible Kremlin, including on Red Square and in Alexandrovsky Sad, without prior permission.
Shoots for advertisements and movies would still require permission.

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Kyrgyzstan Approved Abolition Of Capital Punishment

Posted by Info on 11/02/2010

The Kyrgyz Parliament approved the Second Option protocol of the International Covenant of Civil and Political Rights, aimed to abolish a penalty death at the Parliament session 11 February, 2010.

According to the Justice Minister Kurmantai Abdiev, the document makes provision for complete death penalty abolition, in turn, it will help to develop humanization of a criminal law.

Kyrgyzstan adhere the Covenant in 1994. The United Nation Organization (U.N.O.) approved Second Option Protocol to this Covenant in 1989. The Protocol obliged a member country to abolish penalty death. The penalty death was replaced by life imprisonment.

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Бишкек: Открылось Официальное Представительство Европейского Союза

Posted by Info on 11/02/2010

10 февраля 2010 к своим обязанностям приступил первый посол ЕС в Киргизии. Открытие представительства ЕС в Бишкеке будет способствовать развитию сотрудничества и усилению европейского присутствия в регионе.

“Нам необходимо постараться улучшить систему управления в Киргизии и проводимые здесь реформы, – говорит Шанталь Эбберект. – Мы будем оказывать поддержку национальному парламенту, институту омбудсмена, неправительственным организациям. Другая наша важная задача – улучшить экономическое развитие Киргизии. Мы также оказываем поддержку в области социальной защиты граждан через специальную программу по продовольственной безопасности”.

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