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Страсбургский Суд Оштрафовал Россию За Исчезновение Жителей Чечни

Posted by Info on 19/02/2010

Россия проиграла в Страсбургском суде два дела по искам жителей Чечни об исчезновении их родственников. Москва должна выплатить истцам 120 тысяч евро, не считая судебных издержек.

Первый иск подали родители чеченца Зураба Ирисханова. По данным суда, группа вооруженных людей увезла Ирисханова из дома 19 июня 2002 года, после чего его судьба остается неизвестной.
Pоссийские власти нарушили статьи 2 (право на жизнь и на проведение эффективного расследования), 3 (запрет бесчеловечного и унижающего достоинство обращения), 5 (право на свободу и личную неприкосновенность) и 13 (право на эффективное средство правовой защиты). Российские власти должны выплатить родителям Ирисханова 60 тысяч евро за моральный ущерб и 5,5 тысяч возмещения судебных издержек.

Истцом по второму делу выступила супруга жителя Грозного Абу Алиева, которого вооруженные люди в камуфляже увезли в неизвестном направлении 29 октября 2002 года. По мнению судей, в данном случае были нарушены те же статьи Конвенции. Суд постановил, что российские власти должны выплатить истице 60 тысяч евро за моральный ущерб и 1,65 тысяч возмещения судебных издержек.

Решение ЕСПЧ вступит в силу, если стороны в течение трех месяцев не обратятся с просьбой передать дело в Большую палату суда.

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Video 56 minutes – Rule Of Law in Russia – CATO Institute

Posted by Info on 19/02/2010

Video: Karinna Moskalenko, Andrei Illarionov, and Robert Amsterdam at the Cato Institute

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Medvedev: After Ratification Of Protocol 14 – Time To Improve Work Of Courts

Posted by Info on 19/02/2010

When he signed off on the law for the ratification of Protocol 14 of the European Convention on Human Rights, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said that it was time for Russia to improve the work of domestic courts in order to stop people from taking their cases overseas.
“Our task is to establish quality justice which helps our citizens in the country.”

Karina Moskalenko is a lawyer who runs a civil justice organisation for Russians with cases they want to have heard in Strasbourg. She said that it is far from ideal to have to go running off to France to get a fair hearing, the unreliability of the current system leaves many with no other option.
Moskalenko says that freedom to pay up but change nothing is tantamount to the Russian powers buying themselves the liberty to continue violating human rights. Although the authorities have the chance to disprove this theory. Among Moskalenko’s clients is Mikhail Khodorkovsky, the high-profile business man and former head of YUKOS who was imprisoned on charges of fraud and tax evasion in 2005. They are currently awaiting the verdicts on three complaints they took to Strasbourg. “One of the rulings we’re waiting for relates to the conditions of his detention, the duration of his pre-trial confinement and the legitimacy of his arrest….we provided quantities of material that proves the case was politically motivated.“.
Yet as things stand, even if that claim were deemed legitimate by the court in Strasbourg, there’s no knowing what Moscow would do next.

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Any Hope For Dymovsky In Prison ? His Boss Was Fired

Posted by Info on 19/02/2010

The president signed an order to halve the federal Interior Ministry’s senior administration to 10,000 people as part of the reform drive, and urged new anti-corruption measures and tighter selection procedures for police personnel.

Medvedev ordered in December that the number of police personnel be reduced by 20% over the next two years, proposing the cuts be balanced by higher salaries for remaining staff in a bid to improve the police force and address public anger over corruption and other abuses.

The moves were prompted by a series of scandals last year, including a video message from Novorossiisk officer Alexei Dymovsky to Prime Minister Vladimir Putin alleging corruption in the city’s police force.
He was later fired over thesame claims, and has been charged with fraud and abuse of office, but one of the regional officers relieved of duty on Thursday was Maj. Gen. Boris Martynov, deputy head of Krasnodar Territory’s Main Internal Affairs Department to which the Novorossiisk city police answers.

President Dmitry Medvedev ordered the discharge of 17 top police generals earlier on Thursday as part of ongoing efforts to reform the police force. About half of the 17 top Russian police officials discharged on Thursday were dismissed over violations committed by subordinates.

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Corruption in Moldovan Helsinki Committee = Advisor Of President Gimpu

Posted by Info on 19/02/2010

The interim President of the country appointed Stefan Uritu Advisor to President.
Stefan Uritu is the person whom the International Helsinki Federation accused of the attempt of corruption.

In November 2007, the International Helsinki Federation declared about exclusion of the International Helsinki Committee of Moldova from the Federation due to the reason that the Chair of the specified Moldovan Organization, i.e. Stefan Urity “had brought discredit upon himself and inflicted harm on the Federation”. The given decision was made after the representatives of the Federation revealed financial violations in the activity of the Chisinau structure, which Uritu tried to conceal offering a bribe to the inspector.

During the elections of 5 April 2009, Stefan Uritu acted as an independent candidate. At the elections of 29 July 2009, the Liberal Party declared about inclusion of Uritu in its list of candidates after Uritu published a number of declarations in press asserting that Dorin Chirtoaca, current mayor of Chisinau and Vice Chair of the Liberal Party, became a politician thanks to the Helsinki Committee of Moldova where he worked before.

Poorest country in Europe – Moldova with its corruption / nepotism – country run by family – “here we go again.”

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