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Activist Held Over Protest In Support Of Dymovsky= Youtube Officer

Posted by Info on 21/02/2010

Vadim Karastelev was arrested in south Russia’s Krasnodar on Friday over “participation in illegal gatherings and failure to obey the police officers who asked him to cease his illegal activity.”

Karastelev denied the charges, saying he was handing out leaflets advertising a future rally in support of Alexei Dymovsky, who hit the headlines across Russia last September after he went online to accuse his bosses and colleagues of corruption.
He also appealed to Prime Minister Vladimir Putin to take action. The recording was posted on with English subtitles and drew international media attention.

Shortly after posting his claims, Dymovsky, from the Black Sea port of Novorossiisk, was fired for “libel and action that tarnishes the image of the police force.”
Dymovsky was then arrested on January 22 on charges of fraud and abuse of office carrying a prison sentence of up to 10 years.

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Russia And Human Rights: History Of Strasbourg Won Case To Be Continued

Posted by Info on 21/02/2010

The case of the former judge or the Moscow City Court Olga Kudeshkina began in 2003.
when she voiced her public criticism of the Russian judicial system.

Kudeshkina told via press that decisions on many cases, especially significant ones, were passed by judges under the pressure of authorities.
Soon after that Olga Kudeshkina was deprived of the status of judge for the violation of the Law on Status of Judges .. “to avoid everything that could belittle the authority of the judicial power”. The Qualification Collegium of Judges of the City of Moscow considered that the statements in press made by judge Kudeshkina had “placed in doubt the right to judicial protection in Russia”.
By 2003, her judicial experience was already over 18 years, while the overall length of her legal practice made more than 20 years. She stated that her rights had been violated not only as the rights of man and the rights of the citizen…judges, like all the other citizens of Russia, have the right to express their opinion.
Protecting her rights, Olga Kudeshkina applied to the European Court of Human Rights. The application was considered in February 2009. The decision said that the termination of Kudeshkina’s powers was a “violation of the right provided by article 10 of the European Convention”.The decision of the Russian Court was ruled illegal. Besides, the Strasbourg Court obliged Russia to pay Olga Kudeshkina compensation in the amount of 10 thousand euro.

At the Supreme Court of Russia the claim was dismissed. “The decision of the European Court gives me both moral satisfaction and hope that I have not wasted in vain so much force, time and health trying to ensure that the right to independence of judges be observed in Russia,” said the former judge. The decision of the Strasbourg Court has been implemented in part.

The decision of the Strasbourg Court does not make a reservation regarding the deadline within which its decision is to be enforced; therefore, delay in the enforcement may be practically eternal. Lawyer Karina Moscalenko says, “Paying compensation but refusing to make critical decisions that would change the existing state of things Russia, as though, “is acquiring the right to further violations”.

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