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Казахстан Представил Первый Национальный Доклад По Правам Человека

Posted by Info on 26/02/2010

Казахстан представил свой первый национальный доклад в рамках Универсального периодического обзора (УПО) по правам человека – нового инструмента Совета ООН по правам человека, который призван демонстрировать проблемы отчитывающихся стран в области соблюдения прав и свобод граждан.

В своей речи премьер Е.Орынбаев отметил утверждение в республике плана действий по искоренению пыток до 2013 года, увеличение государственных расходов на образование, снижение числа людей с доходами ниже черты бедности с 50% до 12%, укрепление социальной и экономической защиты лиц с ограниченными возможностями, избрание Казахстана на пост председателя ОБСЕ в 2010 году. Также он заявил, что к 2016 году планируется довести число женщин на выборных и руководящих должностях до 30%….

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Uzbekistan: Illegal Investigations And Closed Trials Over 100 People

Posted by Info on 26/02/2010

Syrdaria Oblast court started the trial over the group of 67 people, accused of participation in the radical religious movements of Jihadists and Brothers. Meanwhile, the Pakhtakor district court of the Dzijak Oblast also considers the case of another 24 “religious extremists” while over 80 practicing Muslims have been arrested in the Chirchik city of the Tashkent Oblast.

Ezgulik organization pays attention to the fact that overall over 100 people are being accused of offense against the Constitutional system of Uzbekistan and spread of information, threatening public security. The investigation authorities affirm they have evidences of guilt.
“If such statements are true there is a real threat to our national security. On the other hand, we do not understand why mass media, official agencies, radio and television of Uzbekistan do not cover these events”
Ezgulik notes.

The human rights activists indicate that current illegal investigations and closed trials distinctly remind the wave of arrests, trials and sentences after explosions in February of 1999 in Tashkent, suicide bombings in 2004 and wide arrests and closed trials, following the Andijan massacre.

Analyzing current situation, the Ezgulik organization urged the government of Uzbekistan Prosecutor General’s office, National TV and Radio Company to inform population about current situation in the republic in full compliance with the Constitution of Uzbekistan.
Nonetheless, most likely the authorities are not ready to share the details of fight against religious extremism that looks more like campaign against dissidents and political activists.

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Constitutional Court: Strasbourg Court Rights Rulings Are Binding For Russia

Posted by Info on 26/02/2010

Russia’s Constitutional Court reaffirmed on Friday that Moscow should obey Strasbourg human rights court decisions and ordered further legislative and other reforms to ensure their implementation.
“Decisions by the European Court of Human Rights are binding for Russia.The state must pay compensation to a person whose rights were violated as determined by the European Court and make sure his/her rights are restored as far as it is possible.”

The ruling came after Russia finally ratified Protocol 14 to the European Convention of Human Rights earlier this month, which is designed to help the Strasbourg court cope with the growing backlog of complaints from individuals, nearly one-third of them filed from Russia.

Russia is also still to ratify Protocol 11, abolishing the death penalty. The Constitutional Court extended the 1999 moratorium on capital punishment late last year.

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Moldovan President Doesn’t Consider as Decisive Opinion of Venice Commission

Posted by Info on 26/02/2010

Moldovan interim President, Speaker of Parliament, Mihai Ghimpu, considers that assessment that can be provided by Venice Commission for constitutional reform initiated in Moldova has just a consultative nature.

While the Secretary General of Venice Commission, Gianni Buquicchio, declared on Wednesday, during a briefing in Chişinău, that for Moldova the priority is to get out of crisis and not the modification of Constitution, Mihai Ghimpu, immediately after the departure of European official, states:
I didn’t quite got what he (Gianni Buquicchio – ed.n.) meant, but I know very well that any state is in position, by means of its supreme body, which is called Parliament, to adopt any law, be it ordinary or constitutional“.

According to Ghimpu, “as members of Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, we have to observe some norms, but these norms are rather about promotion of fundamental democratic principles stipulated by UN declaration and European Convention“. “Venice Commission can’t undermine the parliamentary activity, believe me, even the Council of Europe can’t do this. It helps us and we are grateful for this“.

Moldovan authorities may have problems with the Council of Europe because of not observing the democratic norms

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British Mps ‘Disturbed’ By Chechnya Visit- Still House Burnings, Disappearances

Posted by Info on 26/02/2010

Frank Judd, a member of the House of Lords, and Jo Swinson, a Liberal Democrat MP, described the human rights situation in Grozny, where they met with government officials and 22 Chechen NGOs on Feb. 16-17 assinister and very disturbing. They failed to secure a meeting with the prezident Ramzan Kadyrov.

“There are still extra-judicial detention centres, still disappearances, still pressure on witnesses, still house burnings,” Judd said in interview with The Moscow News. “I’m disappointed that we didn’t get the chance to talk to President Kadyrov after a meeting with him was included on our schedule.”

Judd said he stressed to all officials he met the importance of talking directly to Kadyrov.We wanted to tell him that fear as a weapon is counterproductive and will drive people into the arms of the Islamic militants
“The security forces responsible for witnesses’ safety are the same people who are accused of being behind the abductions.” Orlov, the Memorial chairman, said the number of kidnappings in Chechnya had increased recently, and said the authorities’ hostility towards human rights activists was because of the resurgence in the underground resistance.

Alvi Kerimov, Kadyrov’s spokesman, insisted that the British MPs had met with all the officials on their schedule, and denied any knowledge of a planned meeting with Kadyrov, whom he said was “working 24 hours a day” on reconstruction of the republic. There is no atmosphere of fear in the republic – people are absolutely free.”

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Доклад От 26.12. 2010 ООН – Могут Стать Тайные Тюрьмы Явными?

Posted by Info on 26/02/2010

8 марта в Женеве планируется обсуждение доклада о тайных местах заключения.
Наряду с другими государствами Азии, Африки, Латинской Америки и Европы доклад содержит информацию о наличии секретных тюрем на территории России, в частности – в Чечне. В документе также представлены факты, подтверждающие причастность Соединенных Штатов и Великобритании к тайному заключению людей, подозреваемых в терроризме. Однако Лондон, как и Вашингтон, обсуждать доклад готовы, в то время как Россия потребовала от Совета ООН по правам человека изъять доклад с веб-страницы организации.

Советник постпредства России при ООН в Женеве Владимир Жеглов сделал следующее заявление: «Этот доклад создает конфронтацию и его следует убрать с официального сайта ООН, на котором он доступен уже с прошлого месяца».
Кроме России против свободного доступа к докладу выступает группа африканских стран и организация Исламская конференция.
Несмотря на то, что Грузия не попала в список стран подвершихся критике в докладе Совета по правам человека ООН, в стране интерес к рассмотрению документа на 13-ой сессии СПЧ в Женеве довольно велик.

Доклад Совета по правам человека ООН подтверждает то, что было уже известно в регионе, и очень важно, чтобы он стал предметом обсуждения на сессии СПЧ. Хотя ввиду того, что кроме России многие другие страны грешат аналогичными проблемами – наличием мест тайного заключения – не будет ничего удивительного, если российские требования не предавать доклад гласности будут удовлетворены и данный вопрос замнут».

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