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Moldovan President Doesn’t Consider as Decisive Opinion of Venice Commission

Posted by Info on 26/02/2010

Moldovan interim President, Speaker of Parliament, Mihai Ghimpu, considers that assessment that can be provided by Venice Commission for constitutional reform initiated in Moldova has just a consultative nature.

While the Secretary General of Venice Commission, Gianni Buquicchio, declared on Wednesday, during a briefing in Chişinău, that for Moldova the priority is to get out of crisis and not the modification of Constitution, Mihai Ghimpu, immediately after the departure of European official, states:
I didn’t quite got what he (Gianni Buquicchio – ed.n.) meant, but I know very well that any state is in position, by means of its supreme body, which is called Parliament, to adopt any law, be it ordinary or constitutional“.

According to Ghimpu, “as members of Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, we have to observe some norms, but these norms are rather about promotion of fundamental democratic principles stipulated by UN declaration and European Convention“. “Venice Commission can’t undermine the parliamentary activity, believe me, even the Council of Europe can’t do this. It helps us and we are grateful for this“.

Moldovan authorities may have problems with the Council of Europe because of not observing the democratic norms

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