Human Rights Issues in Eurasia / Правовые Вопросы В Регионах Евразии

Moscow Ends Antiterrorism Campaign Against Separatists /Now Fights Bandits

Posted by Info on 28/02/2010

President Dmitry Medvedev urged the authorities of the Russian republic of Karachai-Circassia to fight gangs toughly but calmly “without hysteria, but make tough decisions to uproot bandit manifestations”.
Kremlin also acknowledged a need to tackle unemployment, organized crime, clan rivalry and corruption as causes of the ongoing violence.

Moscow announced an end to its decade-long antiterrorism campaign against separatists in Chechnya in April 2009, but has since had to step up the fight against militants as skirmishes and attacks on police and other officials have continued..
Who are the terrorist/militants and who are the bandits/militants?

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