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Moscow Seeks to Suppress UN Report on Secret Prisons In Geneva on 8th March

Posted by Info on 02/03/2010

Moscow is seeking to block the publication of a UN Human Rights report on the use of secret prisons in the fight against terrorism and to remove it from a UN website.

The Russian government was demanding that the UN Council of Human Rights prohibit to discusts the 226-page report which includes three interviews with anonymous residents of Chechnya who said they had been subject to torture in secret prisons.

The draft report, which has been available online since January was prepared by a group of independent experts and contains reporting on the use of secret prisons in the war on terrorism by the United States and Great Britain as well.
American and British officials say they plan to discuss it in Geneva on March 8th, but Russia is trying to block it.
Vladimir Zheglov, a counselor at the Permanent Representation of the Russian Federation to the UN in Geneva, said that “this report creates confrontation and it ought to be removed from the official site of the UN on which it has been accessible already for the last month.” But Moscow can block the report only if a majority of UN Human Rights Council backs it.

While most of the report is devoted to the American use of secret prisons, Moscow is clearly angered by references to its secret prisons in Tsentoroy, Gudermes, Shali, Urus-Martan and Goyty, which it has used since it launched its attacks on Chechnya in the 1990s. According to the Ombudsman of Chechnya Nurdi Nukhazhiev approximately 5,000 Chechens and other North Caucasians have been kidnapped and have disappeared, many apparently passing through these secret prisons before being killed and their remains left to be picked over by “beasts and birds,” said Aleksandr Cherkasov, Memorial human rights activist.

Because the report has been available online, Moscow will have little chance of keeping its findings from being available to those concerned about secret prisons and related violations of human rights. But because the report criticizes other countries as well, there may be less resistance to Russia’s effort to prevent it being officially accepted.

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Uzbekistan “100 % Trumped-up Charges” 200 With Plotting Alleged Coup

Posted by Info on 02/03/2010

The government of Uzbekistan has falsely accused about 200 people of killing officials and plotting a coup in the authoritarian Central Asian nation.
Surat Ikramov of the Independent Human Rights Defenders Group says the men who have been caught up in a sweeping crackdown on Muslims and government critics are facing “100 percent trumped-up charges” in closed trials.
The defendants are accused of being involved in the 2009 killings of a government-appointed Muslim cleric and a police colonel, and of forming underground Islamist groups to overthrow President Islam Karimov’s government.
“This is state terror that only intensifies over the years.”

The defendants, most under age 30, have only been allowed to use government-appointed lawyers and were deprived of any communication with relatives, Ikramov said. At one of the trials outside Tashkent in late February, prosecutors requested that 15 defendants be sentenced to 15 to 20 years in jail.

Rights groups claim that thousands of peaceful Muslims who worship outside government-sanctioned institutions have been convicted and jailed by Uzbek authorities fearful of Islamic fundamentalism. The prisoners are kept in remote maximum-security prisons and are subject to hunger, humiliation and torture.

A former Communist boss, today prezident Karimov has ruled the predominantly Muslim nation of 27 million since before the 1991 Soviet collapse, silencing critics and eliminating opposition. Karimov’s government was ostracized by the West after its brutal suppression of a 2005 uprising in the eastern city of Andijan where hundreds were killed.

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Москва Хочет Заблокировать Обсуждение Доклада О Секретных Тюрьмах

Posted by Info on 02/03/2010

В Cовете по правам человека ООН Россия хочет заблокировать обсуждение неприятного для нее доклада о секретных тюрьмах, его текст уже размещен в интернете.

Москва потребовала убрать доклад с сайта Совета, сообщатся из Женевы. “Подобная классическая цензура – это начало конца Совета по правам человека”, – сказал один из соавторов документа, австрийский юрист Манфред Новак. В своем требовании Россия не одинока – ее поддержали страны Исламской конференции – организации, в которую входит треть из 47 государств, членов Совета, а также группа из 13 африканских стран, которые тоже высказались против обсуждения доклада.

Секретные тюрьмы, говорится далее в статье, имеются не только в России, но и во многих частях Европы, Латинской Америки, Ближнего Востока, а также в США. Это метод в борьбе с терроризмом, который ничем не отличается от насильственного похищения, и здесь велик риск пыток.

В требовании запретить обсуждение доклада Новак видит “очень рискованную тенденцию, которая может отбросить нас во времена холодной войны”. В западных государствах, заключает издание, это понимается как серьезное наступление на принципы Советa.

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Режим Контртеррористической Операции Введен В Ингушетии

Posted by Info on 02/03/2010

Режим контртеррористической операции (КТО) введен во вторник в 05:00 мск в Назрановском районе Ингушетии.

Как сообщается, режим КТО введен в связи с полученной информацией о том, что в этом районе Ингушетии находятся участники незаконных вооруженных формирований, причастные к совершению ряда преступлений.

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Media Reaction Factor Behind Decision To Reconsider Major Dymovsky’s Arrest

Posted by Info on 02/03/2010

The Investigative Committee ordered its Krasnodar regional branch on Monday to reconsider the January arrest of former police Major Alexei Dymovsky, who is being investigated on suspicion of abuse of office.

Two months ago, committee officials asked a court to arrest Dymovsky —… after making a YouTube appeal to Prime Minister Vladimir Putin to deal with police corruption —because he was accused of a serious crime, has no permanent job or residential registration and has threatened investigators.
Dymovsky was fired late last year — after appealing to Putin — on suspicion of misappropriating $900 that was earmarked for police informers during his time in service.

The committee said in a statement that public and media reaction were among the factors behind the decision to reconsider Dymovsky’s arrest.
The case had gained new prominence after an attack Saturday against Vadim Karastelyov, Dymovsky’s public defender and a Krasnodar human rights activist.
Karastelyov was badly beaten a day after being released from weeklong detention. He had been detained for trying to organize a rally in support of Dymovsky without getting permission from the local authorities. VIDEO here in Russian with English subtitles

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