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Judges Of Tajik Supreme Court Filed Lawsuit Against Attorney

Posted by Info on 06/03/2010

Five years ago attorney Solidzhon Dzhuraev published an article entitled “THERE IS TRIAL OVER JUDGES, TOO” in the daily newspaper Vecherny Dushanbe, where he assured that his defendant sentenced to 20 years in prison was not guilty. He set out his arguments in detail, as well as facts established under the case. Even though the article was written by a professional lawyer and did not go beyond the legal process, judge A. Amirov found it contained libel and denigrated his business reputation and filed a lawsuit against the attorney and the newspaper.

It is a common knowledge that judges in Tajikistan are not independent and that they finalize decisions and resolutions in consultation with chairs of their respective courts. This is what they are increasingly reporting at round tables and workshops.

However, this is often told by lawyers who no longer work as judges, e.g. pensioners, human rights defenders, and experts. No one has ever dared to name a concrete court or a name of a presiding judge knowing that punishment is inevitable.

Attorneysoften play a role of mediators between a judge and defendants in the process when struggling for a decision. They prefer not to mar relations with the judiciary because the situation may change tomorrow, and swap places.

Few attorneys have their principles to oppose the established traditions, and Solidzhon Dzhuraev is on the top of the list as an attorney who has not lost any case. He is one of a few attorneys who openly spoke about torture and forcing detainees to accuse themselves and succeeded in considering cases by international authorities. However, in recent years he had a bad luck and failed to defend his defendants false of which was framed up.

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