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Russian Police Dymovsky To Be Released Within Hours

Posted by Info on 07/03/2010

A Russian police officer Alexei Dymovsky who posted online video messages urging a nationwide crackdown on police corruption has been under arrest since January 22. He has been charged with fraud and abuse of office, which carries a prison sentence of up to 10 years.

The prosecutors said Dymovsky’s arrest will now be replaced by his written pledge not to leave town as there was no longer need for his custody.

Dymovsky went online to accuse his bosses and colleagues of corruption. He also appealed to Prime Minister Vladimir Putin to take action. The recording was also posted on with English subtitles.5 minutes
In his online appeal, Dymovsky said department chiefs forced officers to solve nonexistent crimes and even “jail innocent people” to artificially improve crime figures. He complained that ordinary staff were treated “like cattle,” had no days off or sick leave, and said young people joined the police on a 12,000 rubles monthly wage ($413) because they knew they would be able to survive on bribes.

Shortly after posting his claims, Dymovsky was fired for “libel and action that tarnishes the police force.”

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Security Forces Killed 8 Militants Maybe Connected To 2009 Terrorist Attack

Posted by Info on 07/03/2010

Russian security forces killed eight militants that it said were connected to a 2009 terrorist attack, the head of Russia’s domestic security and anti-terrorism agency said Saturday.
(Why not bringing to justice BUT kill immediately if so…?)
The Russian forces also detained 10 militants in connection with the 2009 attack, in a special operation in the southern Russian republic of Ingushetia earlier this week.

Bortnikovhead of Russia’s domestic security and anti-terrorism agency said thatDNA tests of the militants have been carried out to establish their involvementin a November 2009 Moscow to St. Petersburg train derailment that killed 28 people and injured about 90 others.

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Geneva:Secret Detention Report Ready BUT Presentation Postponed

Posted by Info on 07/03/2010

Geneva – The United Nations Human Rights Council will not hold a session on secret detentions next week, March 8. “The previously scheduled presentation of a joint study on secret detentions by independent experts in various fields of human rights, will be postponed to June,” announced Alex Van Meeuwen, president of the Council.

The 222-page study focused largely on arrests since the attacks of September 11, 2001, and concluded that “secret detention is irreconcilably in violation of international human rights law including during states of emergency and armed conflict.”
The authors of the document were Manfred Nowak, an expert on torture, Shaleen Sardar Ali representing the UN working group on arbitrary detentions, and Jeremy Sarkin, a member of the working group on disappearances.

To UN HUMAN RIGHTS COUNCIL – Joint Study On Global Practices In Relation To Secret Detention In Context Of Countering Terrorism

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Ingush Supreme Court Commute Sentence To Head Of Security For Murder To NO PRISON Term

Posted by Info on 07/03/2010

On March 2 the Supreme Court commute a sentence to Ibragim Evloev, former head of security of the MIA boss, convicted for murdering Magomed Evloev owner of the oppositional website “Ingushetia.Ru” . Earlier, he was sentenced to two years of imprisonment, but now custody was replaced by “restriction of travel.” Besides, the two-year ban on the convict to work in power agencies has been lifted.

According to the judge, it was not proved that the defendant had caused death because of poor performance of his professional duties“, but that “defendant was right in bringing his pistol to readiness”, because there was information that their car could be attacked with the aim to release Magomed Evloev, and he got ready to resist the attack..”No violation of the law on militia regarding use of firearms was established.”

Magomed Yevloyev was shot in the temple in an interior ministry vehicle shortly after being illegally detained on his arrival at Magas airport on 31 August 2008. He was left unconscious a few hours later at the entrance to a hospital, where he died soon afterwards. The police said he was shot accidentally as he tried to grab an officer’s firearm.

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Belarus: Secret Services Received Unlimited Access To Databases Of Telephone Companies

Posted by Info on 07/03/2010

Provisions on the arrangement for co-operation between mobile operators with the KGB and the OAC have been rubberstamped by Decree #129 of March 3, 2010.

The KGB of Belarus and the OAC affiliated by Alyaksandr Lukashenka (OAC) have received access in on-line mode to databases of Belarusian mobile operators. Notably, penetration in lives of mobile communication subscribers will be carried out at the expense of cell phone companies.

Mobile operator must offer the KGB and the OAC free uninterrupted remote access to databases of clients. This pill can be only sugared by the demand to record such addresses automatically and store this information for 5 years.

About physical persons
: a number, name, surname, patronymic, subscriber’s address or an address of terminal, subscriber’s numbers, information allowing identification of the subscriber or his terminal; and for cell phone subscribers – details of the identity document (its name, series, number, date of issue and the name of the state agency which had issued the document);

About legal entities: firm’s name, its legal address, the address where the terminal is installed, subscriber’s numbers, information allowing identifying the subscriber or its terminal;…

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Интернет-цензура в Казахстане

Posted by Info on 07/03/2010

В Астане найти свободный доступ к интернету – не проблема, начиная прямо со столичного аэропорта. Там вполне безупречно работает местный вай-фай. Беспроводной интернет был доступен и в гостинице.

В Казахстане цензура официально не применяется, а блокаду блогов и других неугодных интернет-ресурсов государственные лица отрицают, объясняя недоступность отдельных сайтов неизвестными техническими причинами”. Блокировку власти, правда, не признавая этого, фактически переложили на местных провайдеров интернет-связи….

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