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Full Body Airport Scanners + Photos

Posted by Info on 09/03/2010

The scanners are more of a political response to terrorist attacks than a carefully designed security measure.

Full-body scanners are ineffective in detecting a genuine terrorist threat if they do not reveal dangerous substances in body cavities, body folds or in hand luggage. They may also give a false feeling of security and allow the real terrorists to adapt their tactics to the technology in use.

Image sensors then create a picture of your body as if it were unclothed ( see photos here)--leaving few places left to conceal weapons or contraband items.
Travelers complained there wasn’t enough signage, or explanations about an alternative to the scan (a detailed pat-down by a person.) And others expressed concern that there was no explanation about the safety or potential risks involved in exposing children or pregnant women to the scans–medical issues.

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