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Uzbek President Said: There Will Be No Oligarchs In Our Country

Posted by Info on 12/03/2010

Some of the wealthiest people in Uzbekistan have reportedly been arrested or detained this week, or are being hunted down by Uzbek authorities. They include the owner of the country’s largest wholesale market, construction magnates, and bankers…

The crackdown appears to have its origins in a speech President Islam Karimov gave in December. According to the website UzMetronom, the president said the authorities would not accept material inequality.There will be no oligarchs in our country. If anyone has yet to understand this, they should bear it in mind.”

Uzbek officials are portraying this campaign as sort of an anticorruption drive in a country that rarely allows its “dirty laundry” to be aired in public, but some sources believe there is more going on than officials are saying.
Bukharbaeva ,journalist who has covered events in Uzbekistan for many years says:”The events are alarming and at the same time closed off [to publicity].Taken together, these rumors and unconfirmed information about a wave of arrests going on among the big businessmen of Uzbekistan shows that no one in Uzbekistan is 100 percent protected.”

Aleskei Volosevich of says it could simply be that the state needs money.

One Response to “Uzbek President Said: There Will Be No Oligarchs In Our Country”

  1. Justin said

    Obvious isn’t it? There will only be the Karimov dynasty oligarchy. All others will be taken over.

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