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Grozny: Rebuilt, Fearful And Forgotten By The West?

Posted by Info on 15/03/2010

by Tanya Lokshina
It’s about 9 in the evening and a friend from “Memorial” and I, both here for work, are walking along the main street, which is today called Putin Prospect. The shops are still open, but the purchase turns out to be an unreal quest. The place is awash in foreign cosmetics. Posh leather, bags, coats, boots – take your pick, though when you see the prices you have to pinch yourself to make sure you’re not dreaming….We lose heart and go into a dark café,..BUT, most important, Natasha isn’t here. Memorial’s Natasha Estemirova was an integral part of both the work and the city. We stayed at her flat and spent whole nights sitting up in the kitchen talking. We helped her little daughter with homework…She can’t be here, because when we got back from the cemetery we suddenly realised that it was exactly 7 months ago that she was killed. …It’s one thing to hear about the reconstruction of Chechnya, but quite another to see it for real. ..

«If there is some kind of stability there, it’s the stability of tyranny: Chechnya is still awash with fear, anxiety and intimidation..».

Just about a week ago, the leadership of the Shali police detained three members of the coordinated mobile group and kept them hanging about all night with questions about what they were actually doing in Chechnya and why they were poking their noses into other people’s business.

Seventy-year old Danilbek Askhabov was beaten up by the Shali police right in the village square. He was presented with the bloody corpse of his son, who had been shot for being a militant, and he refused to disown him. Two months later, in August 2009, members of the secret service took away his second son, Abdul-Ezit, who also disappeared. «He’s partially sighted, almost blind. He couldn’t possibly be involved in anything. What did they take him for?» asked the old man, with eyes only for Judd, a man the same age as himself. «If I’m completely honest, I think the West has a lot to do with it. Do you know why? Because the West turned a blind eye to all this from the beginning of the war. It continues to do so now and gives us no protection. After all, it’s your responsibility too. Help us – or take us all away from here..»…………………………………………………………

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Fellow Georgians, Russia Has Declared War – It’s Indeed JOKE?

Posted by Info on 15/03/2010


Russia’s army mounted a massive invasion of Georgia over the weekend, its planes bombed the capital Tbilisi, and President Mikheil Saakashvili was assassinated. None of this actually happened, but it was the scenario that played out in a terrifyingly realistic report on Georgian television over the weekend, causing widespread panic in the country.

At one point, the action even moved to Washington, where viewers were told that Barack Obama was making a live statement. The footage showed the US President, alongside his number two, Joe Biden, at the White House, as a dubbed voiceover falsely claimed he was calling for an end to the “Russian aggression”.

Panicked Georgians called friends and relatives. Mobile phone networks crashed for several minutes
, and there were reports of cinemas emptying as frantic parents called their children back home. Local news agencies reported an increased number of calls to the emergency services from people suffering heart attacks.

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Кыргызстан Усиливаeт Информационную Блокаду

Posted by Info on 15/03/2010

15 марта в столице Кыргызстана Бишкеке был арестован тираж газеты «Форум», в котором содержалась информация о запланированном на 17 марта оппозиционном курултае и повестке дня этого мероприятия, выступлениях оппозиции в связи с повышением тарифов на электричество и тепло, а также критические материалы о распродаже крупных стратегических госпредприятий, проведении конституционной реформы и др.

Cегодня также была прекращена трансляция вечернего выпуска новостей радио BBC, вещающего в эфире государственного радио (НТРК).
BBC (британская телерадиовещательная корпорация) арендует у государственного радио Кыргызстана эфирное время для своих новостных радио программ. Ранее BBC уже «выкидывали» из эфира госрадио, но в результате переговоров вещание впоследствии возобновлялось.

Все вышеупомянутые СМИ были заблокированы в Кыргызстане после републикации в них статей из иностранной прессы, рассказывающих о предположительно противозаконной деятельности близкого к сыну президента Максиму Бакиеву финансиста Евгения Гуревича, а также после размещения материалов о массовых протестах населения в Нарынской области.

Сегодня в Бишкеке возле здания центра ОБСЕ состоялся пикет в защиту свободы слова, в котором приняли участие гражданские активисты и лидеры оппозиции.

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Members of Tablighi Jamaat Arrested During Religious Meeting

Posted by Info on 15/03/2010

Twenty members of the Islamic organization Tablighi Jamaat have been arrested while conducting a religious meeting in Chita, Siberia. The court of Chita has already opened a criminal case into the setting up an extremist organization.

In 2009 the Russian Supreme Court ruled that the organization sought to destroy the territorial integrity of the Russian Federation, discriminated against Russian citizens, and gave support to international terrorist organizations.

Many countries, including Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Kyrgyzstan have already banned the movement.
The movement remains active in traditionally Islamic Central Asian states. On March 10, the top court of Tajikistan found 56 Tablighi Jamaat followers guilty of extremist activities.

Despite its pacifist stance, TJ has appeared on the fringes of numerous terrorism investigations. TJ attracted significant public and media attention when it announced plans for the largest mosque in Europe to be built in Dewsbury, UK.

Tablighi Jamaat (Society for spreading faith) is a transnational religious movement which primarily aims for spiritual reformation of Muslims. In 1926, Muhammad Ilyas founded Tablighi Jamaat (TJ) as an independent movement among the people of Mewat, India. The main aim of the organization is to work at the grass roots level, reaching out to Muslims in all social and economic spectra, bringing them closer to the life practices of the Islamic prophet Muhammad.

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