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Members of Tablighi Jamaat Arrested During Religious Meeting

Posted by Info on 15/03/2010

Twenty members of the Islamic organization Tablighi Jamaat have been arrested while conducting a religious meeting in Chita, Siberia. The court of Chita has already opened a criminal case into the setting up an extremist organization.

In 2009 the Russian Supreme Court ruled that the organization sought to destroy the territorial integrity of the Russian Federation, discriminated against Russian citizens, and gave support to international terrorist organizations.

Many countries, including Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Kyrgyzstan have already banned the movement.
The movement remains active in traditionally Islamic Central Asian states. On March 10, the top court of Tajikistan found 56 Tablighi Jamaat followers guilty of extremist activities.

Despite its pacifist stance, TJ has appeared on the fringes of numerous terrorism investigations. TJ attracted significant public and media attention when it announced plans for the largest mosque in Europe to be built in Dewsbury, UK.

Tablighi Jamaat (Society for spreading faith) is a transnational religious movement which primarily aims for spiritual reformation of Muslims. In 1926, Muhammad Ilyas founded Tablighi Jamaat (TJ) as an independent movement among the people of Mewat, India. The main aim of the organization is to work at the grass roots level, reaching out to Muslims in all social and economic spectra, bringing them closer to the life practices of the Islamic prophet Muhammad.

4 Responses to “Members of Tablighi Jamaat Arrested During Religious Meeting”

  1. Aftab ur rahman said

    This is a shameful to blame and harrasse the peaceful members of tablighi jamaat.i swear that none of the member of tabligh is an extremest or terriorist.the russian government should review their decision.

  2. Arif said

    this is shameful to blame the peaceful movement TJ which spread humanity amongs the humans and guide them to know to the Great Allah and worship them only. i swear that they are not an extremest or terrriorist. russsian govt. should review their decision.

  3. Imran said

    It is a great shame to know that the authorities are not able to identify what is good & what is bad.

    All works against TJ will be failed. Allah will definetely prove the innocence of TJ. La ilaha illallahu, Muhammada rassolullah.

  4. Rashed said

    This is the wrong dicision to arrest THAT MEMBERS.

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