Human Rights Issues in Eurasia / Правовые Вопросы В Регионах Евразии

Tajikistan: Kyrgyz Human Rights Defender Not Lost But “Absent For Unknown Reason” Said UNHCR

Posted by Info on 16/03/2010

Kyrgyz human rights defender Nematillo Botakozuev, who disappeared in the capital of Tajikistan at the end of February, is placed tospecial reception center, located at 39 Molodaya Gvardiya street, Dushanbe and subjected to torture“, says Mukhammadsolikh Mukhammadtokhir, Nematillo’s brother.

The citizen of Kyrgyzstan Nematillo Botakozuev disappeared on February 26 in Dushanbe after visiting UNHCR office, where he arrived to apply for international protection and registration as a refugee.
Botakozuev was assisting western mass media in information search and preparation of publications.
Human Rights in Central Asia association and Uzbek Initiative urged the government of Tajikistan “to stop tortures against Nematillo and other types of inhuman treatment, provide medical aid, and let him access UNHCR office”.

On March 4 Ilia Todorovich, the Head of UNHCR in Tajikistan, says that “Nematillo Botakozuev is not lost but “absent for unknown reason. According to Todorovich “UNHCR sent the inquiry messages to law enforcement bodies of Tajikistan, but Botakozuev is not registered in hospitals, mortuaries and detention centers”
Ilia Todorovich hopes in the next few days Botakozuev will show up in UNHCR office in Dushanbe in order to get the documents..


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