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Turkey Threatens To Deport 100,000 Armenians IF…

Posted by Info on 17/03/2010

Turkey’s prime minister has warned that he might deport up to 100,000 Armenians living in Turkey without citizenship after resolutions passed by U.S. and Swedish lawmakers defining World War One-era killings of Armenians by Ottoman Turks as genocide.

Earlier this month, Turkey withdrew its ambassadors to Washington and Stockholm after a U.S. congressional committee and the Swedish parliament passed the non-binding resolutions.

Armenia under Diplomatic Siege
When Armenia signed the Protocols last October with Turkey it was believed that .. Armenia being a strategic ally of Russia was desperately trying to implement its foreign policy of complementarism, by cooperating with NATO structures. The idea of the Protocols was the centerpiece of Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy agenda… Therefore, the Armenian leadership believed that they would be in the good graces of the US by giving a chance for the Protocols to succeed.

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Belarus: Police Broke To Office, Computers Seized, Editor Beaten

Posted by Info on 17/03/2010

The policemen dressed in mufti were using force to break into the flat. As Natalya Radzina came out of door, they ran down the stairs and pushed her to prevent her locking the door. One of the policemen hit Radzina’s face damaging her eye. Only after that they demonstrated official order for the search signed by prosecutor.

Policemen seized 8 computers and other office equipment. Just yesterday our site published the information that leader of “European Belarus” Andrei Sannikov will nominate for presidency. Today the office is ruined, journalists beaten, computers confiscated. This is both stupid and terrible. Yes, it will be harder for us to work. But we will continue our work and masked thugs with Nazi hails will not stop us. Lukashenka’s regime embarassed itself with its shameful behavior again because they are so afraid of freedom of speech and real opponent on the elections,– said editor of Natalya Radzina.

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Russian Secrets For Sale At Moscow Market – “It’s cool.”

Posted by Info on 17/03/2010

In a country where you have no right to know, but anything, anybody can anonymously buy discs burned with private information such as rape victimization, financial holdings and the suspicion of CIA involvement or tax returns, customs declarations, wanted lists, police reports, car registrations, business permits etc. “They get leaked, or else somebody hacks into official databases. It’s not legal.

At Moscow’s Savyolovsky Market, anyone can buy discs filled with information hacked or leaked from government databases. And the price between $40 and $60.

“Krysha,” a vendor says… (“Roof” — the word Russians use to denote protection.)
The roof is the person who has enough connections, and enough muscle, to shelter underlings from the authorities. When Russians talk about operating in Moscow — opening a business, or even working as a journalist — they will, almost inevitably, say the same thing: What you need is a roof.

“It’s cool, right?” the vendor prods and settles on two discs: one purporting to contain all police reports in Russia throughout 2009, the other an amalgamation of cellphone numbers, addresses and professions. Both are packed with data technically off-limits to the public…

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