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Uzbekistan: Appeal Court – No Changes In Verdict Of Photographer

Posted by Info on 19/03/2010

On March 17, the appeal court of Tashkent considered the case of Umida Akhmedova, photographer and film maker.

In February Ms. Umida Ahmedova was found guilty of “slander” and “insult” of Uzbek people through documentaries and photos. . She was convicted as “Warning to Others”
Neither Criminal Code nor Constitution assumes criminal liability for the insult and slander against people (individuals) while the parties, affected by Umida’s films and photos, were identified neither by the investigators nor the court of original jurisdiction.

In her last words Umida said “Dear judge, I do not see myself guilty since I am based on ethnographic point of view. The photo album includes genre style pictures, recognized as art long ago. (video here) You are not going to blame the poet because he brings up his childhood and house memories, are you? The normal person can smile and cry…If you quash the sentence you will contribute to the development of visual art in Uzbekistan”.

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Tajikistan: Concerns Over Land Ceded To China

Posted by Info on 19/03/2010

Last week,March 10, residents of the village of Rangkul close to the Chinese border complained to the authorities over border changes which will transfer over 70 per cent of their pasture land to China. The two countries agreed to redraw their border in 2001, so that the Tajiks ceded around 1,000 square kilometers of land to the Chinese. The demarcation process is now being completed on the ground.

The complaint made by the Rangkul villagers is the first time anyone has made a fuss about the 2001 land deal. In contrast, there were mass protests in neighbouring Kyrgyzstan in 2002 after that country’s government transferred 900 square kilometers to China.

Tajikistan should be satisfied with the outcome, given that when negotiations first started on the border demarcation treaty, an area of 30,000 square kilometers was at stake.
The treaty made it possible subsequently for Tajikistan to win up to one billion US dollars in Chinese investment in key sectors such as hydroelectric power and transport infrastructure.

Tajikistan “has had to pay for having a non-confrontational relationship with China, for [Beijing’s] political support in case it is threatened, and for the potential to develop in a favourable foreign-policy environment”.

This decision would have to be re-examined at some point in the future, since the Tajik government made it without consulting people.

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Newly Published Memoirs By Lord Browne – New Light On Yukos Affair

Posted by Info on 19/03/2010

Lord Browne of Madingley, better known as John Browne, star CEO of BP from 1995 to 2007, published his memoirs, titled: “Beyond Business”. Browne had extensive dealings with the oligarchs in his attempt to expand BP into Russia, and met once with Yukos CEO and majority owner Mikhail Khordorkovsky.

“…As the conversation progressed,I felt increasingly nervous. He (Khordorkovsky) began to talk about getting people elected to the Duma, about how he could make sure oil companies did not pay much tax and about how he had many influential people under his control. For me, he seemed too powerful.
. Browne concludes that he was not surprised to hear of Khodorkovsky’s arrest in October 2003. He also records that Putin said in passing, “I have eaten more dirt than I need to from that man.

“by 2003 it was clear that Khodorkovsky was no longer willing to abide by the informal rules of the game. Putin was informed that 226 deputies in the Duma owed allegiance to Yukos, a simple majority of the total of 450…This was a Duma in which the word ‘lobbying’ barely describes the ability of interested parties to shape preferences, with activists running about with packets of money on the eve of important votes.”

No other oligarch so boldly violated Putin’s command to “keep what you own, but stay out of politics.”

As Browne observes of Russia in his memoirs,the problem is not the lack of laws, but their selective application. This is what creates the sense of lawlessness. While bureaucratic legalistic processes are the hallmark of Russia, you never know whether someone will turn a blind eye or whether the laws will be applied to the hilt.”

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UK Annual Report On Human Rights: Russia, Belarus,Turkmenistan,Uzbekistan

Posted by Info on 19/03/2010

The UK Foreign Secretary launched the 2009 Annual Report on Human Rights on 17 March 2010. His speech highlighted some of the human rights work completed by the Foreign Office over the last year.

Annual report on human rights 2009 [PDF document 5.6Mb]

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OSCE Letter Ignored By Kyrgyz Government-Moreover More Pressure On Media

Posted by Info on 19/03/2010

Since March 10 the web access to Ferghana.Ru news agency, Centrasia.Ru and Internet page of Belyi Parus have been blocked. The Azattyk radio programs, broadcasted at the frequencies of private TV and radio channels, were also suspended. Anonymous sources note that the authorities put pressure on local mass media, threatening to suspend their licenses.

Obviously, Kyrgyz authorities decided to create information vacuum after critical publications against Kyrgyz government. The serious damage to the image of President Kurmanbek Bakiev and his team was caused by the articles, outlining the involvement of financial expert Eugene Gourevitch in the crimes, organized by Italian mafia.

OSCE urges in the letter directed to the Foreign Affairs Ministry of Kyrgyzstan, Kyrgyz government to observe its international liabilities on ensuring the freedom of speech and put efforts to resume the access to the number of Internet media sources and broadcast of Azattyk (Kyrgyz Service of RFE/RL) radio.

Despite multiple letters, addressed to the government by the local civil and media organizations… with the request to resume access to blocked media pages, there is still no progress in this field. Moreover, on the eve of United Opposition kurultai (national assembly), scheduled to March 17, the authorities arrested the circulation of the Forum opposition newspaper.
It has to be noted since March 10 the majority of local news agencies, internet editions and printed media have avoided publishing critical articles.

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Пассажирам Поездов Грозит Обязательное Сканирование

Posted by Info on 19/03/2010

ОАО «РЖД» готово установить на вокзалах металлодетекторы, если правительство одобрит подобную меру безопасности.
Эксперты уверены, что, если этот проект будет реализован, работа вокзалов окажется парализована, а вот безопаснее на них не станет.

ОАО «РЖД» рассматривает возможность появления на вокзалах металлодетекторов. С их помощью компания рассчитывает бороться с террористической угрозой, сообщил 18 марта, глава Российских железных дорог Владимир Якунин.

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Доклад Британии: В России Серьезные Проблемы С Соблюдением Прав Человека

Posted by Info on 19/03/2010

В Лондоне 17 марта, министр иностранных дел Дэвид Милибэнд и министр по правам человека баронесса Киннок представили членам неправительственных организаций и правозащитникам ежегодный доклад о положении в области прав человека в мире. Отдельная глава в нем посвящена ситуации в России.

условий работы правозащитников и журналистов, в 2009 году произошло серьезное ухудшение, говорится в докладе, размещенном на сайте британского МИДа. ..озабоченность у авторов доклада вызывает ситуация на Северном Кавказе, случаи исчезновения людей, недостаток независимых СМИ, условия содержания заключенных в российских тюрьмах, дискриминация по этническому принципу, обращение властей с меньшинствами, проблемы НПО.

Помимо России критике подверглись 22 государства, отмечает агентство AP. Это Афганистан, Белоруссия, Бирма, Вьетнам, Зимбабве, Израиль, Ирак, Иран, Китай, КНДР, Колумбия, Конго, Куба, Пакистан, Саудовская Аравия, Сирия, Сомали, Судан, а также Туркменистан, Узбекистан и Шри-Ланка.

REPORT in English

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