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European Court Of Human Rights decision – Maksimov v. Russia

Posted by Info on 20/03/2010

18.03.2010 – Maksimov v. Russia (no. 43233/02)

The applicant, Vladimir Maksimov, is a Russian national who was born in 1963 and lives in Krasnoyarsk (Russia). Mr Maksimov alleged that he had been ill-treated by the police in April 2000 – when the police broke into his house following a tip-off about an unregistered weapon – and in December 2001 – when arrested for refusing to be searched in the street. He complained in particular about the fact that, following the first incident, the domestic courts had refused to award him compensation for damage; and, following the second incident, the authorities had failed to carry out an effective investigation into his allegation. He relied on Articles 3 (prohibition of inhuman or degrading treatment) and 13 (right to an effective remedy).

No violation of Article 13
No violation of Article 3 (alleged ill-treatment)
Violation of Article 3 (lack of effective investigation)
Just satisfaction: EUR 9,000 (non-pecuniary damage)

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Court Refuses To Consider Suit By Dymovskiy On Reinstatement At Work

Posted by Info on 20/03/2010

Court of Krasnodar has denied Alexei Dymovskiy, the former militia major, to consider the lawsuit filed with the region internal affairs department to invalidate the order on his dismissal and reinstatement at work. Dymovskiy demands cancellation of the order of the agency chief on his dismissal, reinstatement at work and payment of compensation for moral damage in the amount of 100,000 roubles.

The court denial to consider the suit by Dymovskiy is connected with the fact that the statement of action contained faults which Dymovskiy failed to eliminate in due time.

“I have stated at the hearing that Dymovskiy had no time to eliminate them because he was in the pre-trial prison. However, the court has denied the suit,” states Melnikov. He notes that he is going to appeal against the decision at the Krasnodar territorial court”.

I have been informed that the court denied the lawsuit but I do not understand the reason for such a decision,” says Alexei Dymovskiy.

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