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50 Rallies Across The Country With Thousands Protesting Against Putin

Posted by Info on 21/03/2010

Russian police broke up an opposition demonstration in Moscow Saturday, one of around 50 rallies across the country with thousands protesting falling living standards under Prime Minister Vladimir Putin.

At least 1,500 people turned out in the Pacific port of Vladivostok, raising their hands to support a motion to dismiss Putin’s government. Around 1,000 rallied in Saint Petersburg and hundreds gathered in several other cities.
“People have no work and they are fed up” Opposition groups have been heartened by unusually large rallies in recent months.

Many participants in the rallies demanded the resignation of Mr Putin and other public officials.

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Kadyrov Refuses Police Units From Regions Beyond Chechnya

Posted by Info on 21/03/2010

Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov has refused the services of policemen assigned to Chechnya. According to Kadyrov, special operations and OMON units summoned from all corners of Russia are bringing nothing to the republic other than problems.

It is worth noting that those forces are stationed along the major highways of the republic, which makes one think that nothing has changed in the republic after the official ending of the CTO. For Kadyrov, who is trying to create the illusion of a paradise in Chechnya, roadblocks create a bad image. ….
Not everyone agrees with Kadyrov on the need to end sending police units from other regions to Chechnya as Mikhail Grishankov, the first deputy head of the State Duma’s Security Committee.

Kadyrov’s latest attacks on the militants are absolutely identical to his previous efforts, replete with dead bodies of alleged terrorists and detentions of alleged militants and their supporters, all conducted in front of the television cameras and with obligatory expressions of gratitude to Kadyrov for personally leading the operation.

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