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Georgia: Labourites Demand To Return Guantanamo Bay Prisoners

Posted by Info on 25/03/2010

Yesterday the USA sent three Guantanamo Bay inmates to Georgia. The names do the prisoners are kept secret, the delivery was conducted only after agreement of all security measures by both sides.
The Labour Party of Georgia demands immediate return of all the received Guantanamo bay ex-prisoners to their homeland.

Shota Utiashvili, the Interior Ministry spokesman, said that ex-prisoners, who arrived in the country, are origins from Middle East countries. They “will be free, will live as usual citizens and will be constantly in touch with their families.” Yet they will be prohibited to leave Georgia.

Ekaterina Tkeshelashvili, the National Security Council Secretary, said Tbilisi agreed to accept Guantanamo Bay prisoners to improve relations with Washington.

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Dymovsky: Inquisition At Court/ Coming “Apology” To Putin On You Tube

Posted by Info on 25/03/2010

“I will post an ‘apology’ on YouTube on the Day of Cosmonauts (April 12) to [Interior Minister] Rashid Nurgaliyev and [Russian Prime Minister] Vladimir Putin. But I am afraid they will not like it. Then I will come out with concrete accusations of corruption.” said Alexei Dymovsky, a former Russian police officer who posted two videos on the web calling for a nationwide crackdown on police corruption told another video is on the way.
He was fired shortly after posting his claims, has been charged with fraud and abuse of office, which carries a maximum of 10 years in prison.

“We will fight till the end. What was happening in Novorossiysk’s Primorskiy Court can only be described with the word ‘inquisition.’
I had asked to have a closed session so that I could present secret documents which prove I am right. But Federal Judge Raisa Konstantinova rejected my requests he felt “sorry” he had not posted the videos earlier.

The reputation of the Russian police force has declined dramatically in recent years. In just over 18 months, Russian police officers have been convicted or charged with burning a suspect to death, shooting sprees, a beheading, and rape.

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Human Rights Activists Fined For Demands Of Capital Punishment Abolition

Posted by Info on 25/03/2010

The human rights activists were detained on March 23 in central Minsk in fornt of Lukashneka’s administration. They held a picket against capital punishment in Belarus. They had special T-shirts with blood stains painted on them, and unfurled a poster “No to capital punishment!”
All the detained human rights activists and the journalist were take to the police department.After the reports were drawn up, the human rights activists were sent to prison in Akrestsi Street for a detention until the trial.
The court of Leninski district of Minsk fined human rights activists Ales Byalatski, Valyantsin Stefanovich, Iryna Toustsik and a journalist Syarhei Sys.

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