Human Rights Issues in Eurasia / Правовые Вопросы В Регионах Евразии

Chechnya: International Delegations “Under Influence Of Local Leaders” ?

Posted by Info on 29/03/2010

A PACE parliamentary delegation, headed by Dick Marti, Rapporteur for Northern Caucasus paid a one-day visit to Chechnya to get acquainted with observance of human rights in the republic. He noted positive changes in the republic which he witnessed. I’m for the first time in Northern Caucasus. The locals are unusually hospitable; it’s a blessed land, having everything for living in peace.”

President Ramzan Kadyrov in the course of his meeting with Dick Marti said that Murders of human right activists Natalia Estemirova and Zarema Sadulayeva were committed with the aim to create the opinion in the society that Chechnya is far from order; and people are still kidnapped and murdered here.
This was committed by international terrorists, or those who support them.

In his turn, Mr Marti described to Ramzan Kadyrov the aim of his visit to the republic: to understand the situation and define what the European family can do to help the Chechen people, who had suffered so much.

Leonid Slutskiy, First Vice-President of the State Duma Committee : “Construction scale here is the highest in Russia’s south…. Criminality is almost at a zero level. Certainly, there are problems here. … We want to show you that Chechnya is now a flourishing region of Northern Caucasus.”

People in Chechnya expect no serious results from the visit of the PACE delegation and treat it with enough scepticism. In the last decade Chechnya and Northern Caucasus saw plenty of delegations, from the UN to European levels; however, no positive changes could be seen in the sphere of human rights and fundamental freedoms,… all the international delegations coming to Chechnya get, from the very first minutes of their stay in the territory of the republic, under the influence of local leadersand then leave in full confidence that everything is OK, said the leader of a local NGO.

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