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Russia Proposes New UN Court For Somali Pirates

Posted by Info on 30/04/2010

Russia has proposed a new court for prosecuting Somali pirates under the auspices of the United Nations.

The U.N. Security Council unanimously approved a Russian proposal Tuesday asking Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to look into how such a regional or international tribunal might be set up and to report back within three months.

The move comes in reaction to Kenya’s recent decision to stop prosecuting suspected Somali pirates because of the strain on the country’s justice system.
Somali pirates accounted for over half of last year’s more than 400 piracy attacks around the horn of Africa.

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Kremlin Is Back To Its K.G.B. Ways?

Posted by Info on 30/04/2010

International Herald Tribune: 28.4.2010:The Kremilin-loya Russian Parliament is considering a bill to restore practices once linhked to the K.G.B., like special summonses and warnings.

The legislation would allow security officers to summon individuals for informal talks and issue written warnings about “inadmissible” participation in antigovernment activites like protest rallies.
The warnings would be considered “obligatory”, and those who failed to follow them could face fines or 15 days in jail.

Journalists who refuse to follow the demands of security officers or who prevent them from fulfilling their duties could face charges under the legislation.
Ludmila Alexeyeva, head of Moscow Helsinki Group:” It’s not even like Soviet times”, when K.G.B. officers were under Communist Party control.

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В Киргизии Растет Число Желающих Покинуть Страну

Posted by Info on 30/04/2010

Последние события в Киргизии привели к росту миграционных настроений среди населения. Число желающих покинуть свою страну значительно увеличилось.

У офиса представительства федеральной миграционной службы (ФМС) России в Бишкеке в эти дни наблюдаются большие очереди. После событий 7 апреля число граждан, которые обращаются сюда с намерением переехать на постоянное место жительство в Россию, возросло почти втрое.Сейчас ежедневно сюда обращаются до 300 человек. Одни приходят пока за консультацией, другие несут документы на получение статуса добровольного переселенца, так как для себя уже окончательно решили – Киргизию покидают навсегда.

“Здесь нет будущего…” Надежда Орлова из Бишкека говорит: “Эти события подтолкнули нас срочно оформлять документы. Уезжаем ради детей, им нужно будущее, а здесь сложно построить хорошее будущее, особенно русскоязычному населению”

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PACE Freezes Contacts With Belarus After Double Secret Executions

Posted by Info on 30/04/2010

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe freezes high-level contacts with Belarus due to violation of democratic standards.The resolution was adopted by a majority of votes at a PACE session in Strasbourg on April 29.

The resolution notes a “lack of progress” towards Council of Europe. In particular, the document says that two executions were carried out in Belarus “in conditions of total secrecy” at a time when the United Nations Human Rights Committee had requested a stay in the executions pending its examination of their cases.

The resolution also mentions the facts of violations of the rights of the Polish minority in Belarus and absence of international observers at the local council “elections”.

The resolution regrets “lack of political will on the part of the Belarusian authorities to embrace Council of Europe values” and calls to continue the dialogue with Belarus.

In view of the recent executions, the Assembly has adopted a decision to “put on hold its activities involving high-level contacts between the Assembly and the Belarusian parliament and/or governmental authorities”, the PACE resolution says.
the PACE president cancelled his visit to Belarus.

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Kyrgyz Who Applied To UNHCR For Asylum Is In Detention In Tajikistan

Posted by Info on 30/04/2010

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) calls upon the Government of Tajikistan to immediately release Mr. Botakozuev as there are no grounds to detain him illegally.
Mr. Nematillo Botakozuev (02.07.1967), citizen of the Kyrgyz Republic applied to UNHCR for asylum is being held in detention since 26 February 2010.

Mr. Botakozuev is held by the State Committee on National Security of the Republic of Tajikistan and no charges have been made against him. There is threat of his extradition to Kyrgyz Republic based on the allegations of his involvement in the Nookat events in 2008.

UNHCR has informed the Tajik authorities about the amnesty act concerning persons involved in the Nookat events issued on 27 April 2010. Moreover, the political situation that has changed in the Kyrgyz Republic would allow for Mr. Botakozuev’s release from detention. However, there are not yet conditions for his safe return to Kyrgyzstan until the decision on his asylum application by UNHCR is issued.

UNHCR expresses its grave concern that after two months of continuous efforts to seek his release, neither UNHCR nor his lawyer have been able to see Mr. Botakozuev and to independently confirm the conditions of his illegal detention.

Despite the assurances given by the Tajik authorities that the lawyer hired by UNHCR to represent Mr. Botakozuev will have free and unimpeded access to interview his client in a confidential manner as foreseen by the international and national standards on the right to liberty and security of person, the lawyer was not allowed to meet Mr. Botakozuev confidentially.

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23 Americans Convicted Of Abducting Egyptian Terror Suspect

Posted by Info on 30/04/2010

An Italian court has convicted 23 Americans of abducting an Egyptian terror suspect under the CIA’s so-called “extraordinary rendition” programme.
The man who was abducted was taken to Egypt, where he was allegedly tortured. Americans have been found guilty and given sentences of five to eight years to serve in prison.

The convicted men ranged from US diplomats to members of the military and included the former CIA station chief in Milan, Robert Seldon Lady, who received the longest sentence of eight years.

“This has been an ongoing case, so we will have to see if Interpol red notices go out and which countries will cooperate with authorities to take these people into custody.”

Amnesty International has said that the US should not need a foreign court to distinguish what is right from what is wrong.

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UN Human Rights Committe on Uzbekistan

Posted by Info on 29/04/2010

The Human Rights Committee is the body of independent experts that monitors implementation of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights by its State parties.

All States parties are obliged to submit regular reports to the Committee on how the rights are being implemented. States must report initially one year after acceding to the Covenant and then whenever the Committee requests (usually every four years). The Committee examines each report and addresses its concerns and recommendations to the State party in the form of “concluding observations”.

98th Session

15. The Committee has noted the State party’s explanations on the scope of application of the notions of “terrorism” and “terrorist activities” as included in the State party’s Law on fight against terrorism (article 2) and the Criminal Code (article 155). While noting the State party’s affirmation that its anti-terrorist legislation is in full compliance with the provisions of the Covenant, the Committee remains concerned about how the Covenant’s guarantees apply in practice to persons suspected or charged with such crimes. The Committee also remains concerned regarding the number of persons reportedly detained as suspects of involvement in terrorist/extremist activities or on terrorist charges (arts. 9 and 14).

16. The Committee remains concerned that the judiciary is not fully independent in the State party, in particular owing to the fact that judges’ positions are renewed in effect by the Executive every five years (articles 2 and 14).

24. The State party should allow representatives of international organisations and NGOs to enter and work in the country and should guarantee journalists and human rights defenders in Uzbekistan the right to freedom of expression in the conduct of their activities.

27. The State party should widely disseminate the text of its third periodic report, the written responses it has provided in response to the list of issues drawn up by the Committee, and the present concluding observations to its judicial, legislative and administrative authorities, civil society and non-governmental organizations operating as well as among the general public. Hard copies of those documents should be distributed to universities, public libraries, and all other relevant places.

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UN Human Rights Committee On Execution Of Two Individuals In Belarus

Posted by Info on 29/04/2010

The Human Rights Committee has recently received information indicating that two individuals under sentence of death, whose cases are currently pending before the Committee, and who alleged that they did not receive, in particular, a fair trial, have been executed in Belarus, despite the fact that requests for interim measures of protection had been issued by the Committee. The information relates to the cases of Mr. Andrei Zhuk (case 1910/2009) and Mr. Vasily Yuzepchuk (1906/2009).

On 23 March 2010, the Committee requested Belarus to provide clarifications on the matter, by end-of- business on Thursday, 25 March 2010, but no reply was received.

The Committee’s plenary discussed the events on 26 March 2010, in a public meeting. It expressed its dismay and indignation at the apparent execution of the two individuals, and its concern at the State party’s failure to cooperate in a good faith with the Committee, in its work on individual communications submitted under the Optional Protocol to the Covenant. The Committee also reiterated that executing individuals whose cases are pending before the Committee amounts to a grave breach of the Optional Protocol, in particular where a request for interim protection under rule 92 of the Committee’s Rules of Procedure has been issued.
Press release on the matter.

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Кадыров: «Мемориал» финансируется Западом

Posted by Info on 29/04/2010

«Мемориал» — это организация, получающая финансирование с Запада, считает президент Чечни Рамзан Кадыров. Об этом он сообщил на пресс-конференции для иностранных журналистов. «Они выполняют все, что им поручают те, кто платит, — отметил Кадыров. — Всегда найдутся люди, готовые за большие деньги выполнять «грязную» работу». Так глава республики ответил на заявление журналиста о том, что в прошлом году в Чечне был похищен 91 человек.
«У вас неверная информация. Нет у нас такого количества похищенных, вы путаете.”

«Я раз двадцать встречался со Светланой Ганнушкиной, Олегом Орловым. Год назад на встрече с ними я попросил задавать мне самые неприятные вопросы. Я их просил доказать мне, что они больше меня заботятся о защите прав жителей республики, и что они делают для этого народа больше, чем я», — заявил презилент Чечни.

«Все, что они могли мне предоставить, так это какой-то список с подписями и без фамилий. Кто угодно мог поставить эти росписи».

«Защита прав человека — это для нас святое дело, — подчеркнул Кадыров.

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Uzbekistan’s Worst Prison – Place Of No Return – Two Died By Torture

Posted by Info on 29/04/2010

The bodies of two inmates suspected of being tortured to death have been released from Uzbekistan’s worst prison Jaslyk that has the reputation of a place of no return.
Nurullo Musayev, 36 was jailed for 20 years for attempting to overthrow the constitutional system and membership of a banned religious organisation in 2000. According to the death certificate, Musayev died of internal bleeding in the lungs, but it does not specify the causes of the bleeding. Relatives said that at a meeting on 8 January the inmate looked perfectly healthy. The family brought the body home on 13 April and it was buried in presence of police on 14 April.

Relatives who washed the body said that they had the impression that Musayev’s neck bones were broken or severely damaged because his head was unnaturally hanging loose around his neck.

Another religious convict Rahmatullo was also held in Jaslyk, but just before his death he had been transferred to detention centre No 3 in Bukhara, where he died. The cause of the death is unknown.

The Expert Workinggroup receives information about the inhumane treatment of inmates in Jaslyk – torture and violence. It said that pressure was also increased on religious convicts in other prisons. For example, they have been banned from talking to other prisoners.

If a religious convict talks to other religious convicts, he may be accused of plotting a conspiracy, i.e. a new attempt on Uzbekistan’s constitutional system, whereas if he talks to non-religious convicts, he may easily be accused of conducting missionary activities and trying to change the latter’s religious convictions.

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Top Court Throws Out 40% of Lower Court Rulings – System of Phone Justice

Posted by Info on 29/04/2010

The Supreme Court said it had accepted 481 out of 834 requests to review criminal cases decided by lower courts in the last six months of 2009. “Laws and procedures were applied wrongly in 40 percent of these decisions,” the court said in a report posted on its web site Tuesday. Litigating parties often decide against filing complaints because they have little trust in the legal system.

Yana Yakovleva, chairwoman of the Business Solidarity partnership, a pressure group for judicial reform, said the number of cases that were reviewed represented a tiny fraction of the some 1 million criminal cases tried every year. “This figure is based on less than 900, so there are many thousands we will never hear of.”

Viktor Ilyukhin, a Communist State Duma deputy and former prosecutor, said 40 percent was a very high rate. “This means that when we debate judicial reform, we must also speak about the qualification of judges.”
Anatoly Kucherena, a prominent lawyer: “We need to carefully analyze how professional judges can make such errors,” he said.

“There is currently no system for training judges. They are selected by standard criteria. We need special institutes to prepare them for work over the course of one year.”
But experts agreed that a well-trained judge was of little use if he could not be independent.

Yakovleva, a financial director of a Moscow-based chemical company who spent seven months in a pretrial detention center on charges that were later dropped, said the main problem was that judges felt intimidated by prosecutors.

“Too often, judges just do not dare to rule against the prosecutor’s closing arguments.”
Ilyukhin pointed to widespread allegations that judges rule according to prior orders received from government officials over the telephone. “As long as we have this system of telephone justice, all reforms won’t bring us far.”

Critics have long maintained that the country’s legal system is overly punitive.Supreme Court Chief Justice Lebedev said earlier this year that while Russian courts last year convicted more than 920,000 people, the number of acquittals was less than 1 percent of that figure.

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Прокуроры В Австрии Подозревают Кадырова В Убийстве

Posted by Info on 28/04/2010

Австрийская прокуратура считает, что президент Чечни Рамзан Кадыров несет ответственность за убийство в Вене в январе 2009 года своего бывшего охранника Умара Исраилова.

Венское бюро по безопасности и борьбе с терроризмом (LVT) изучило обстоятельства происшествия и пришло к выводу, что первоначально Исраилова хотели похитить, однако он попытался скрыться, и его застрелили.

27-летний Умар Иcраилов был застрелен 13 января 2009 года недалеко от его квартиры в столице Австрии, где он жил в эмиграции. Иcраилов, служивший в охране Рамзана Кадырова, выступал с резкой критикой политики президента Чечни, обвиняя его в применении пыток, похищениях и убийствах жителей республики.

Австрийские СМИ критиковали правоохранительные органы страны за неспособность защитить скрывающихся на территории Австрии людей, в том числе чеченцев. С просьбой о предоставлении охраны с июля 2008 года неоднократно обращался к властям и сам Умар Исраилов.

Он проходил в качестве ключевого свидетеля по расследуемому в Австрии делу о причастности Кадырова к пыткам инакомыслящих. Иcраилов бежал в Австрию, где попросил политического убежища и жил с женой и детьми с 2006 года.

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В Чечне начался первый суд с участием присяжных

Posted by Info on 27/04/2010

Чеченская республика стала последним субъектом России, где сформирован институт присяжных заседателей.
Препятствием ко внедрению такой системы в Чечне было отсутствие органов муниципальной власти, которые по закону должны заниматься этим вопросом.

Как рассказали в Верховном суде республики, к введению института присяжных в Чечне начали готовиться сразу же после того, как КС вынес решение по смертной казни. “Мы начали учиться работать с ними, составлять списки, анализировать особенности работы. Было довольно трудно, но подготовились мы в итоге хорошо”.

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Chechnya Began Its First Trial By Jury

Posted by Info on 27/04/2010

On Monday, at the Supreme Court of the Chechen Republic, Magomadov asked to have his case be heard before a jury.
Finding jurors who are unbiased will be very difficult in the small republics of the North Caucasus, says Dzhabrail Abubakarov, a Grozny lawyer. The judge is satisfied with the jury because they “did not make noise, were all present, did not refuse, and all elected the foreman in good faith”.

Chechnya became the last of Russia’s regions to adopt this judicial procedure.

Officially, trial by jury came in effect in the republic on January 1, 2010. In November of 2009 the Constitutional Court explained that the introduction of jury trials throughout Russia, which was an essential condition for the termination of the moratorium on the death penalty (the Constitution guarantees a person, who faces the highest degree of punishment, a right to a trial by jury), “does not make it possible to impose the death penalty”. The absence of jury trials in Chechnya was the official pledge of existence of the moratorium on the death penalty. Following the decision of the Constitutional Court, preclusions for trials by jury disappeared.

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Kyrgyzstan President Charged With Mass Killing

Posted by Info on 27/04/2010

Kurmanbek Bakiyev, who is in exile in Belarus, will be stripped of his presidential immunity to face the charges, which include abuse of power., said Azimbek Beknazarov, a vice-premier of the opposition forces.

Bakiyev fled the capital, Bishkek, on 7 April after security forces fired on protesters and demonstrators stormed government buildings. At least 85 people died in the violence.He tried to rally support in his home region in the south of the country but eventually fled and surfaced last week in Belarus.

Beknazarov said Belarus was obliged to extradite Bakiyev under an agreement among former Soviet countries. There was no immediate reaction from Belarus, whose authoritarian president, Alexander Lukashenko, has criticised the demonstrations that drove out Bakiyev.

Bakiyev has insisted he is still Kyrgyzstan’s legitimate president but has vowed not to return to the country as its leader.

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