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Washington Caught Off Guard About Situation in Kyrgyzstan

Posted by Info on 13/04/2010

The United States had ignored official corruption and oppression while paying the government a hefty sum for an air base that is key to moving troops and supplies into nearby Afghanistan.

Washington was caught off guard by the violent ouster of President Kurmanbek Bakiyev last week, and now the future of the U.S. base and bilateral relations are in doubt.

Bakiyev was swept into power by the so-called Tulip Revolution he helped orchestrate in 2005. He grew increasingly autocratic in recent years, concentrating power in his hands and tightening controls on the media and political opposition. While human rights groups reported attacks on politicians and journalists, torture in jails and rampant corruption, U.S. officials kept publicly quiet, leaving the impression that their only interest was use of the Manas air base.

Corruption and nepotism were Bakiyev’s undoing. His son, Maxim Bakiyev reportedly was the sole supplier of fuel to the U.S. base, and is believed to control the privatized utilities, which increased electricity, gas and water rates.

The situation in Kyrgyzstan remains unstable.
So far only Russia has recognized the interim government. The Kremlin is not happy with the presence of U.S. troops and its influence and would be pleased to see the back of Bakiyev, who reneged on a deal to evict the United States after Washington increased payments to $60 million a year plus millions more in fueling fees. New leader Otunbayeva has said the U.S. will remain, but whoever ends up in power, it’s a good bet the rent will increase once again.

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How Do You See New Interim Leader Roza Otunbayeva of Krygyzstan?

Posted by Info on 13/04/2010

Some arguing that Roza Otunbayeva is a positive force for the country, while others see nothing but trouble.
Even Otunbayeva does not know what she will do yet with her Soviet history.

Scott Horton and Oleg Panfilov both are supportive of Mikheil Saakashvili’s government in Georgia have different opinion about Otunbayeva.

Horton, a well-known human rights lawyer describes her as the one leader of the old revolution who adhered rigorously to the values she espoused, sharply criticized the failings of her colleagues, and suffered the consequences of a fall from power as a result. Her credibility and integrity are the saving spark of this revolution, so far.”

Panfilov, a well-known Tajikistani journalist and a specialist on press freedom, overtly expresses his dislike of Otunbayeva. He writes that both in 2005 and now she has sought support in Moscow, thus helping to strengthen the Kremlin’s influence in the region. Panfilov also dismisses her as reformer because of her past as a member of the Soviet nomenklatura.

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Moscow Judge Shot Dead Because Of Verdicts Involving Ultranationalists

Posted by Info on 13/04/2010

Eduard Chuvashov, 47, a Moscow City Court judge was shot dead as he was leaving his apartment in central Moscow on Monday in the first killing of a federal judge in six years.
He was most likely targeted because of his tough verdicts in trials involving ultranationalists.

The unidentified gunman shot Chuvashov in the chest and head. He died on the spot.
A street surveillance camera captured a video of Chuvashov’s killer, a tall man of Slavic appearance aged 25 to 30.

In late February, Chuvashov sentenced nine members of an ultranationalist group, including leader Alexei Dzhavakhishvili, to prison terms ranging from 6 1/2 to 23 years after a jury convicted them of committing six ethnically motivated murders in 2007 and 2008. Last Thursday, Chuvashov added two years to the 20-year prison sentence of a member of an ultranationalist gang headed by Artur Ryno and Pavel Skachevsky.

On Monday, Chuvashov was supposed to attend a closed-door hearing into the case of Vladimir Belashev, who was sentenced to 11 years in prison in April 2002 on terrorism charges for bombing a statue of Tsar Nicholas II in 1997 near Mytishi, 15 kilometers northeast of Moscow, and unsuccessfully planting bombs at Zurab Tsereteli’s statue of Peter the Great in the Moscow River and a gas distribution unit in the Moscow region.

Chuvashov also participated in an ongoing corruption case against senior Federal Drug Control Service officer Alexander Bulbov.

In November, Chuvashov was on a panel of judges who ruled to extend the custody of Bulbov, who was detained on Oct. 1, 2007, on suspicion of paying $50,000 per month to an Interior Ministry official to tap the telephones of powerful businessmen, senators and prominent journalists, the court said on its web site.
Bulbov – who faces 10 years in prison on charges of illegal wiretapping, abuse of office, money laundering and extortion in a case that analysts believe is linked to a government power struggle – was released two days after the hearing.

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Dymovsky Gives Medvedev Deadline and Warning – Order or Step Down

Posted by Info on 13/04/2010

Former Police Major Aleksei Dymovsky has issued a final video address to President Dmitri Medvedev, giving the president a deadline to once and for all respond to his allegations of corruption in the country’s police forces.

The original clips he posted online last year resulted in him being promptly fired from the Novorossiysk police department and forced to flee to Moscow, where he was then arrested and charged with laundering money from the police department’s operational budget. Those charges were dropped earlier this month.

Video addressing president Medvedev ( in Russian): You know, from the moment that my first video address was released, already five months have passed. I think that in that time you could have paid some kind of attention.”

Dymovsky goes on in his video to accuse the president of “jumping around abroad” and ignoring problems in his own country, before launching into a tirade against a swath of high-ranking government officials, including Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, for spending their time fighting over money to buy up Pacific islands and “wiping their feet on the Russian people.” Appealing to Medvedev “as a man,” the ex-major asks Medvedev to bring criminal charges against Putin for a number of national tragedies. Evoking such incidents as the Nord-Ost theater siege in 2002, the Beslan school massacre in 2004, and the Moscow metro bombings just last month, the ex-major insists that
“for every drop of blood spilled, someone should be punished.” .

Dymovsky gives the president a deadline to rectify such problems or face an angry rally on Red Square. “Nobody will forgive you for what’s happening in Russia today,”. “Remember every mother’s teardrop, remember every baby’s teardrop, starting from 1917. The Russian people remember it. So that said, I advise you to establish order by November 12, 2010, or to step down together with your cabinet.

How many more facts do you need, how many more videos do you need about the fact that lawlessness is stirring in Russia? That a genocide of the Russian people is being committed?”

Since Dymovsky posted his first video exposés last November, police officers from all over Russia have come forward with similar videos and accusations of institutionalized corruption throughout the ranks of the Russian police. The wave of videos reflects a recent trend in which ordinary Russian citizens, feeling that their grievances will go unheeded by government institutions, post videos online detailing police abuses of authority.

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Court decision:Computer Confiscated After Publishing Article About Corruption

Posted by Info on 13/04/2010

Moscow’s Tverskoi District Court has authorized the seizure of documents and computers from the New Times magazine after it published a story on police corruption.

The article, published in February, included interviews with current and former OMON riot police officers who accused their superiors of abuse of office and of forcing them to provide protection to businessman, take part in raids over property disputes and supply prostitutes.

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Алексей Дымовский президенту 12.04.2010г. – VIDEO

Posted by Info on 13/04/2010


Dymovsky просил отставки Путина.

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Group Suspected Of Planning Terrorist Acts Against Military Personnel

Posted by Info on 13/04/2010

MAKHACHKALA, Russia Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB) says that three federal troops were killed during a counterterrorism operation in Daghestan.
The FSB said the group allegedly led by Magomedali Vagabov was suspected of planning terrorist acts against military personnel and local police in Daghestan and therefor had been surrounded by federal security forces and police today near the village of Gubden in Daghestan’s Karabudakhkent district.

The counterterrorism operation in Gubden is continuing.

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