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Russia Wants To Help «Kyrgyz Partners» Find «Acceptable» Solution

Posted by Info on 14/04/2010

Kyrgyzstan is at the threshold of civil war and there is a real threat of disintegration of this country into two parts – south and north, said Russian president Medvedev.
“I believe Kyrgyzstan is at the threshold of the civil war. All parties in Kyrgyzstan must realize the responsibility before Kyrgyz society and existence of Kyrgyz state… if the civil war sparks in Kyrgyzstan “all kinds of terrorists and extremists will try to move there”.

“Our goal is to help Kyrgyz partners find the most acceptable resolution of this situation. People need to be calmed down. Kyrgyz society needs well-functioning government …”,
Medvedev said.

On April 14 Temir Sariev, the deputy head of interim government in Kyrgyzstan, is expected to arrive in Moscow. Last Friday another deputy head Almazbek Atambaev already visited Moscow; he announced that Russia was going to provide humanitarian aid to Kyrgyzstan.

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