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5 Reasons Why Putin Is Obstacle To Development Thus Should Leave

Posted by Info on 15/04/2010

After becoming president in 2000, Putin singled out the country’s main enemies and threats and took steps to neutralize them. He wanted bring stability to Russia after the chaotic and lawless 1990s. But when a leader tries to enforce stability at all costs, it inevitably conflicts with the laws of nature. ..“Forced stability” is a recipe for political and economic stagnation and degradation.

1. The government has been transformed into one big business under Putin’s rule.

2. The leadership has no strategy for driving the country’s development. The authorities lack a clearly defined vision of the future, instead they repeate empty slogans.

3. Official propaganda gives Russians an extremely distorted image of the real world. China is painted as a close Russian ally etc…. The propaganda is based on lies and disinformation.

4. Russia is not developing its industrial sector but is focusing on controlling the country’s main energy and financial sectors.

5. Hiring decisions for key state and corporate positions are based largely on people’s loyalty to Putin. …. in the country’s gross domestic product in 2009 — the deepest downturn among the Group of 20, despite favorable external factors and steady economic development over the same period in India and China.

Day by day, Russia is sinking deeper and deeper into a systemic economic and political crisis.

It is crucial that Medvedev’s plans to modernize the country are implemented, but this is impossible as long as Putin and his cronies continue to undermine Medvedev. As political analyst Gleb Pavlovsky correctly observed:

Putin is one large myth and nothing more. And the sooner Russia abandons the myth, the better.

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