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Russia Worried For Ethnic Russians In Kyrgyzstan

Posted by Info on 16/04/2010

Around a tenth of the population in the former Soviet Central Asian republic is ethnic Russian and some of them have Russian passports. Ethnic Russians living in Kyrgyzstan are losing their homes and businesses in racially-motivated attacks.
In many instances local law enforcement bodies did not respond to Russians’ requests for aid and protection.

“It causes serious concern that the Russian Embassy in Bishkek has in recent days received numerous complaints from Russian citizens and ethnic Russians about raids on businesses and attacks on their houses and offices, and the appearance of grassroots racism in Bishkek and other Kyrgyz regions,” official spokesman Andrei Nesterenko said.

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Russia’s War on Terror-New Harsh Tactic-Just Killing Suspects Without Trial

Posted by Info on 16/04/2010

Pavel Baev, expert on the North Caucasussay Russia’s war on terror has entered a brutal phase. “Now the heads of security forces have the green light to act with maximum harshness, including against the families of the terrorists,”
Last year, Moscow was trying to create jobs and opportunities for young people while seeking to uproot the deep hatred many locals have for the police and federal government. Medvedev was the main advocate of this approach, but Whereas before he was highlighting the fact that he was a former lawyer and standing up for civil rights, now he hasn’t mentioned once that they will put the terrorists on trial. Heis simply announcing that we are annihilating them.”

Alexander Cherkasov, a board member of Memorial, agrees that Russia appears to be returning to a harshness similar to the time of the war in Chechnya. “We’re seeing a shift away from things like mass arrests and harsh interrogations toward the tactic of simply eliminating terror suspects,” he says before turning sardonic. “Yes, of course this implies human rights violations as they will continue to be.”

President Dmitri Medvedev, pledged to get “more cruel” against the terrorists on April 1.
On Tuesday, the state-run polling agency VTsIOM reported that 75% of Russians say they believe terrorism can only be defeated by force, up from 70% in 2002. There are no public debates in Russia about how to treat terror suspects, nothing like the American soul-searching on detainees in Guantanamo Bay.

Officials have openly announced that civil rights will be null and void in the “zones of operation,” including the freedom of movement and information.

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