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Guilty Until Proven Innocent – Russia Is Pioneer In New Method Fighting Terrorism

Posted by Info on 18/04/2010

The Russian daily newspaper “Komsomolskaya pravda” on April 9 published the photographs of 22 women whose relatives were killed by Russian forces and whom law enforcement officials suspect could become potential suicide bombers.

Makasharipova, a 30-year-old mother of four, was on the list. The reason: her brother Rasul was killed in fighting with Russian forces in 2005. She was shocked to see the newspaper with her picture and personal data.
She denies any connection to terrorism and has vowed to sue the newspaper over the publication.

But critics allege that in their zeal to prevent the Black Widows from striking again, Russian law enforcement is casting too wide a net and essentially branding the female relatives of militants in Chechnya and Daghestan guilty until proven innocent.

Correspondent Aleksandr Kots, who wrote the article accompanying the photos of the women, says the material was provided by law enforcement officials who suspect these women have connections to underground terrorist groups in Daghestan. We aren’t talking about suspicion here. We are talking about preventive measures.

“As I understand things, these women are being monitored by the law enforcement bodies in Daghestan to make sure that none of them decides to come to Moscow to blow herself up in the subway. We didn’t publish the whole list. Names we weren’t certain about, that we couldn’t confirm, we didn’t publish.”

Was publishing such material legal? Attorneys note that the law on such matters is filled with loopholes and ambiguity.

“The Civil Code forbids the publication of any person’s image without their consent unless there is an overriding state or public interest at stake. What constitutes a state or public interest? The Civil Code does not speak to this. This is a slippery slope for journalists.

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Moscow Metro Security System Did Not Prevent Deadly Twin Blasts

Posted by Info on 18/04/2010

The Moscow Metro security system

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