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White Wolves – Extreme Nationalist Gang In Russia Killing Judges, Lawyers..

Posted by Info on 21/04/2010

Attempts by the Russian authorities to use nationalist organizations to further their own goals, in particular the battle against the democratic opposition that exists outside of the political system, are dangerous to the authorities themselves.

Investigators immediately linked the shooting of Judge Eduard Chuvashov with his profesional activities. He had been a judge since 2002, and in 2008 began work at the Moscow City Court, where he dealt with cases ranging from money laundering and bribe-taking to teenage xenophobic attacks. In the past year, Chuvashov received numerous death threats, but declined offers of a bodyguard.

On February 25, Chuvashov found nine members of an extreme nationalist gang, known as the “White Wolves,” guilty
of six murders, and sentenced them to prison terms ranging from 7 to 23 years.
Chuvashov was the on their list of enemies, they wished him the very worst and threatened him with assassination,” said Alexander Brod, the head of the Moscow Bureau for Human Rights.

Brod, A lawyer who had represented the murderers of Markelov claimed that ballistics reports from Monday show that Chuvashov and Markelov had been killed with the same gun.The investigation committee rapidly dismissed these claims.
Brod warned that Russia’s extreme nationalists are broadening their targets. “In the last year radical nationalists have included on their list of enemies not just the anti-fascists, but human rights activists, journalists, judges, and prosecutors who take up cases on nationalist hatred. That’s why I think that this was a frightening attack for rights workers and courts, because the ultra-nationalists are very strong in Russia.”

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Russia Scientist Fears Arrest Over 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics Warnings

Posted by Info on 21/04/2010

Dr Sergei Volkov, a former consultant to the Sochi Winter Olympics, is in hiding in southern Ukraine because he fears being detained by Russian authorities on trumped-up criminal charges.
Shortly after arriving in Ukraine, Dr Volkov wrote an open letter to Russian President Dmitry Medvedev warning him of the dangers. The government took the political decision to hold the games before they had thought through how much preliminary work was needed in the area.

“There have been big landslides in the past and there are large deposits of mercury, uranium and other potentially dangerous minerals. But all scientific advice is being ignored.”

He sent his letter to Medvedev after a storm destroyed a new cargo port being built in Sochi for the Olympics.
“Not a particularly strong storm destroyed this important infrastructure project. At least $14m [of work] was washed away by the sea, to say nothing of the lives of [three] seamen. And this serious catastrophe with the loss of human life is just the start of similar accidents which will follow,” he warned.

The Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWF) warned in February that “preparation for the Olympics is out of control, construction is of poor quality and vast damage to the environment has already been done”.

But Dr Volkov fears the builders are cutting a swathe through the valley up towards the mountains without taking into account how unstable the area is geologically. He refers to a massive landslide in the late 1960s and warns there could be a repeat. “The road is being built and tunnels dug in this same district. This is seriously affecting the mountains.”

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Supreme Court Weighs Whether All Web Sites Could Be Mass Media

Posted by Info on 21/04/2010

The Supreme court will decide by the end of April if web sites that are not registered as mass media can be shut down under mass media laws, including those aimed at extremism, and if web-based mass media can be shut down for extremist comments posted on their forums.

The federal law on countering extremism allows authorities to ask a court to shut down a media outlet after issuing two warnings for publishing extremist materials.
Extremist activities listed by the law include promoting hatred based on ethnicity, social status and profession, as well as calling for a violent overthrow of the government.
Under the Criminal Code, individuals who promote extremism face up to three years in prison; the punishment can reach five years if they do it through mass media.
The Supreme Court is also weighing whether the mass media are allowed to publish information about the private life of public officials.

Oleg Panfilov, head of the Center for Journalism in Extreme Situations, said the court had no right to impose any restrictions on web sites because mass media laws do not regulate the Internet.Panfilov also said imposing restrictions on publishing private information about officials would violate Russia’s obligations to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe.

In March 2009, Kemerovo prosecutors charged an opposition activist, Dmitry Solovyov, with hate speech for posting someone else’s critical comments about law enforcement officials on his blog.

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В Ингушетии Близкие Заключенных Жалуются На Жестокое Обращение

Posted by Info on 21/04/2010

Житель Ингушетии Саив Тошхоев в Омской области, сообщил, что заключенных принудительно доставляют в лечебно-исправительное учреждение (ЛИУ-2) в поселок Береговой Омской области, где подвергают пыткам.
B этом учреждении у заключенных берут кровь грязными шприцами, рискуя заразить, избивают и подвергают унижениям, “заставляя делать вещи, которые мы не можем сделать в силу менталитета”.

Председатель Омской общественной наблюдательной комиссии по общественному контролю за соблюдением прав человека в местах принудительного содержания Раиф Мингалиев сообщил, что, по его информации, названные факты не соответствуют действительности.

Правозащитник из Екатеринбурга Владимир Шаклеин, уже несколько лет добивающийся соблюдения прав человека в колониях Свердлоской области, рассказывая о своих встречах с заключенными, отметил: “Перед тем, как позволить заключенному встретиться с правозащитником, тюремщики обычно внушают ему, что правозащитник приехал и уехал, а тебе тут сидеть, подумай, стоит ли жаловаться. И многие просто предпочитают умалчивать о пытках и издевательствах, чтобы не стать жертвой еще худшего насилия”.

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Kyrgyz Interim Government Orders Police To Shoot To Kill

Posted by Info on 21/04/2010

Kyrgyz interim Prime Minister Roza Otunbayeva has ordered police to shoot and kill looters.

In the event of armed assaults on citizens, their houses and private property, attempts on their health or lives, and also attacks on state and military bodies, we will open fire.

On Monday morning, some 2,000 people armed with sticks set several cars on fire and threw rocks at houses in the northern suburbs of Kyrgyz capital Bishkek, claiming their right for land in local villages. Five people were killed and at least 30 injured in clashes with villagers.
According with Kyrgyz law, citizens are allowed to protect their property using arms.

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko announced on Tuesday that deposed Kyrgyz president Kurmanbek Bakiyev had arrived in Minsk on Belarus’s invitation and pledged to provide “personal” protection to the ousted president.

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