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Kadyrov – Chechen Republic President Implicated In Two Political Killings

Posted by Info on 22/04/2010

The Russian “Moskovsky komsomolets” has published an open letter from Moscow-based Chechen businessman Isa Yamadayev, together with a link to video footage in which Yamadayev’s former bodyguard Khavazh Yusupov, whose trial on charges of trying to kill Ruslan Yamadayev opened in Moscow on April 20, says in pretrial testimony that Chechen Republic head Ramzan Kadyrov personally ordered him to kill Yamadayev. Yusupov also quotes Kadyrov as having admitted to issuing the orders to assassinate Isa’s brothers Ruslan and Sulim.

….Kadyrov freely admitted to having given the orders to kill Ruslan and Sulim Yamadayev. He offered Yusupov $1 million to shoot Isa Yamadayev, threatening to apprehend Yusupov’s family and kill them in Yusupov’s presence, then kill Yusupov himself, if he refused. “We’ll bring all the women and children here, we’ll bring them all here. We’ll take them to you, line them up here and kill them all, then we’ll kill you,” Yusupov quoted Kadyrov as saying….

…Yusupov agreed to kill Yamadayev, and returned to Moscow, where Turlayev met him and gave him the murder weapon. The Investigative Committee of the federal Prosecutor-General’s Office identified Turlayev earlier this month as having instigated the murder attempt and has issued a warrant for his arrest…..

Isa Yamadayev claimed in his open letter that he had remained silent up until now in order not to influence the investigation into the bid to kill him.

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Kyrgyz Government Should Request International Support

Posted by Info on 22/04/2010

Human Rights Watch: Kyrgyzstan’s interim government should immediately initiate a thorough and impartial investigation into the violence in the country on April 6 through 8, 2010.

Both security forces and demonstrators contributed to escalating the conflict, which left at least 85 people dead and hundreds wounded. The findings are based on interviews with more than 30 victims and witnesses and review of photo and video material. Demonstrators also contributed to the escalation of the situation, however. Some demonstrators armed themselves with weapons that they took from the police. Demonstrators physically attacked police officers, leaving several hundred officers injured.

Human Rights Watch shared with the interim government its preliminary findings and provided recommendationsto ensure that the investigation would be in accordance with international standards.

“This is the most serious incident of political violence in Kyrgyzstan since its independence,” said Andrea Berg, from Human Rights Watch. “Victims have a right to see justice done.”

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