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Major Dymovsky: Good morning, Dmitriy Anatolyevich [Medvedev], if it is good, of course!

Posted by Info on 25/04/2010

full text of video in Russian here in English:

Former Police Major Aleksei Dymovsky has issued a final video address to President Dmitri Medvedev, giving the president a deadline to once and for all respond to his allegations of corruption in the country’s police forces.
The original clips he posted online last year resulted in him being promptly fired from the Novorossiysk police department and forced to flee to Moscow, where he was then arrested and charged with laundering money from the police department’s operational budget. Those charges were dropped earlier this month.

This is the last time I am appealing to you. You know, 5 months have passed since my first video address. I think you could pay some attention to it throughout this time, at least to recall that there was someone expecting your attention, that I am a former policeman…

You could think about it… reflect on it, instead of leapfrogging about foreign countries! You have Russia. Resolve all the issues here first. I understand that there is Putin, Zorkin , Draguntsev … or what is the name of the Head of the FSB [Federal Security Service]? Nurgaliyev ? …
I understand that their purpose is to ruin Russia. They are now fighting only for money, buying islands somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. But you are still a president! Let us put it pure and simple – do you have conscience? I don’t know how to call it – honor that every muzhik should have. Yes, you are a president, you have high titles! Don’t you feel hurt for your country because everyone wipes boots on it, including Putin, Nurgaliyev, Zorkin and all the others…

Your family name is Medvedev! You understand that “medved” [in Russian] means “bear”, the tsar of the taiga. If you cannot rap the knuckles over … I do not know. Someone said that people are cattle, scum, herd and mob and now I can say that the cattle scum, herd and mob are sitting in the Kremlin all around you. Cannot you make this cattle, scum, herd and mob toe the line?

V.V. Regarding Putin, for example, you could study 117 volumes of criminal case files collected in his respect. …. Why not recall Kursk ? Why not recall the terrorist acts in the Moscow Metro [underground]? Why not recall Beslan ? Why not recall Nord Ost ?

I want to ask you a question now – why not recall all this? Has anyone been punished for it? Has anyone been punished for it… for this life? Someone should be punished for every drop of blood shed! Someone, who is responsible for this!

You are given different documents [to sign], you are told that everything is OK in our country, everything is just wonderful! Cannot you come down to earth? Just come down to some village… for example, a village in the Amusky Oblast, village of Vedenovka, Svobodnensky district, or the village of Sapronovo, or Vladivostok, Khingansky district, village of Khingan, the miners’ village. Cannot you just come there and see for yourself how people are living there, ordinary Russia’s citizens? How are Russian people living? …..Honourably yours, Major Dymovsky.

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