Human Rights Issues in Eurasia / Правовые Вопросы В Регионах Евразии

Uzbekistan’s Worst Prison – Place Of No Return – Two Died By Torture

Posted by Info on 29/04/2010

The bodies of two inmates suspected of being tortured to death have been released from Uzbekistan’s worst prison Jaslyk that has the reputation of a place of no return.
Nurullo Musayev, 36 was jailed for 20 years for attempting to overthrow the constitutional system and membership of a banned religious organisation in 2000. According to the death certificate, Musayev died of internal bleeding in the lungs, but it does not specify the causes of the bleeding. Relatives said that at a meeting on 8 January the inmate looked perfectly healthy. The family brought the body home on 13 April and it was buried in presence of police on 14 April.

Relatives who washed the body said that they had the impression that Musayev’s neck bones were broken or severely damaged because his head was unnaturally hanging loose around his neck.

Another religious convict Rahmatullo was also held in Jaslyk, but just before his death he had been transferred to detention centre No 3 in Bukhara, where he died. The cause of the death is unknown.

The Expert Workinggroup receives information about the inhumane treatment of inmates in Jaslyk – torture and violence. It said that pressure was also increased on religious convicts in other prisons. For example, they have been banned from talking to other prisoners.

If a religious convict talks to other religious convicts, he may be accused of plotting a conspiracy, i.e. a new attempt on Uzbekistan’s constitutional system, whereas if he talks to non-religious convicts, he may easily be accused of conducting missionary activities and trying to change the latter’s religious convictions.

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