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Control And Strict Rules In Chechen State University – Treat Of Expulsion

Posted by Info on 01/05/2010

The system of control and strict rules established in the Chechen State University (CSU) cause dissatisfaction among students. The attempt of students to express their protest against the university procedures has resulted in a threat of their expulsion from the university.

According to the students, the management has established an atmosphere of spying over students, while any dissent or an attempt to express their opinion on this or that issue are roughly suppressed.

University students relay that a group of students has expressed their protest against the rules established at the university. The action was entirely peaceful: the students left the university campus, took off their neckties and danced Lezghinka. Someone reported this to the university management, and the participants are under threat of expulsion. An anonymous student relayed that the parents of the students “at fault” were trying to resolve the problem, therefore, nobody wants to make the story public.

“…students are not admitted to classes if boys do not wear ties and girls kerchiefs, sudden checks are conducted during the classes. One may think that we are in a prison or in the army barracks and everyone must wear a uniform. The control is conducted by guards armed with batons”, said Aslan, a CSU student, claiming that any petty faults of students are immediately reported to the “top”.

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Russia: In Nalchik New Terrorist Attack

Posted by Info on 01/05/2010

The bombing at a race-track in Nalchik has been classed as a terrorist attack.One of the victims of the bombing in the Russian North Caucasus republic of Kabardino-Balkaria on Saturday, a 104-year-old World War II veteran, has died and the number of injured has risen to 30.

Law enforcement officials earlier announced that the bomb had been detonated by a timer mechanism. The power of the blast was three to five kilograms of TNT, according to preliminary data and the case had been handed over to the main branch of the North Caucasus and Southern Federal District investigative committee.

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Янукович Поручил Подготовить Изменения В Конституцию Украины

Posted by Info on 01/05/2010

Президент Украины Виктор Янукович поручил правительству подготовить и внести на рассмотрение Верховной Рады законопроект о внесении поправок в конституцию.

Соответствующее поручение дано Януковичем “во исполнение договоренностей, достигнутых 27 апреля во время рабочего визита в Страсбург”.
В свою очередь министр юстиции Украины Александр Лавринович, входивший в состав делегации в Страсбурге, что представители Венецианской комиссии рекомендовали украинской стороне учесть их пожелания в отношении изменений, внесенных в конституцию в конце 2004 года.

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Таджикистан УВКБ ООН: Освободить Киргизского Правозащитника!

Posted by Info on 01/05/2010

Управление Верховного Комиссара ООН по делам беженцев (УВКБ ООН) обращает внимание правительства Таджикистана на положение Нематилло Ботакозуева, гражданина Кыргызской Республики, находящегося под стражей с 26 февраля этого года.

Ботакозуев содержится в следственном изоляторе Государственного Комитета национальной безопасности Таджикистана (ГКНБ) без предъявления обвинений. … изменившаяся политическая ситуация в Кыргызстане позволяет немедленно освободить Ботакозуева из-под стражи. «Однако пока решение по его заявлению не будет окончательно рассмотрено УВКБ ООН, его возвращение в Кыргызскую Республику не может рассматриваться как безопасное».

гражданин Кыргызстана Нематилло Ботакозуев исчез в Душанбе 26 февраля после посещения представительства Управления верховного комиссара ООН по делам беженцев (УВКБ), куда он прибыл для подачи прошения о международной защите в связи с угрозой его свободе и жизни.

Правозащитник активно помогал западным СМИ в получении материалов и подготовке публикаций и телепередач о ситуации в Центральной Азии. Ботакозуев работал в тесном контакте с киргизским журналистом Алишером Саиповым, убитым в Оше 24 октября 2007 года. Убийца Саипова до сих пор не найден.
Н.Ботакозуев был объявлен в розыск властями Кыргызстана по обвинению в организации протестов в городе Ноокат осенью 2008 года – за то, что правозащитник предупредил прессу о демонстрации в центре города.

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Austrian Counterterrorism Investigators: Kadyrov Is Behind Murder Of Israilov

Posted by Info on 01/05/2010

Mr Israilov, 27, was shot on 13 January 2009 outside a grocery store in Vienna. He said he had witnessed President Kadyrov personally taking part in torture sessions.

Austrian counterterrorism investigators have completed a 15-month inquiry and have submitted their report to the Vienna public prosecutor’s office, which will decide on charges.
But a spokesman for the office, Gerhard Jarosch, said it was assumed “that Kadyrov is behind the murder of Israilov”, a former bodyguard of the president, and that he ordered his abduction.… one of Mr Kadyrov’s closest advisers visited Austria two months before the killing and that he was met at the airport by one of the men now in custody.

But Kadyrov Spokesman Alvi Karimov dismissed the allegations: “What we’re seeing here is a very clear desire to smear the name of the Chechen president. Mr Kadyrov had nothing to do with this killing. The man who was killed was completely irrelevant – he had no influence on what’s going on in Chechnya.”

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Tajikistan Asks Russia To Detain And Deport 41 Suspected Islamic Militants

Posted by Info on 01/05/2010

Tajik officials have asked Russia to detain and deport 41 people suspected of belonging to the banned Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan.

Tajik General Rauf Yusufov, the senior Interior Ministry official in Tajikistan’s northern Sughd Province, said on April 28 that all of the suspects are from Sughd. He said most currently live in or near Moscow and maintain ties with IMU members inside Tajikistan. Yusufov claimed that the Moscow-based suspects are raising funds to support the IMU in northern Tajikistan. He also alleged that they force Tajik labor migrants in Russia to join the IMU and to pay membership fees.

Last year the head of the IMU in Isfara, Anvar Qayumov, was detained in Afghanistan and deported to Tajikistan where he was sentenced to life imprisonment. At least 16 other suspected IMU members were jailed in Tajikistan last year, four of them for life.

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Tashkent:Trial Of Journalist Behind Closed Doors After All Were Tortured

Posted by Info on 01/05/2010

The trial of a well-known journalist Hayrullo Hamidov, 35 and a further 14 suspects accused of taking part in illegal religious organisations and threatening public security started at Tashkent Region’s Yangiyul District criminal court. The pretext for Hamidov arrest was his speech about the Salafia Islamic movement at a birthday party earlier this year.

Surat Ikramov, the head of the Initiative Group of Independent Human Rights Activists of Uzbekistan, said that the charges against the suspects had been trumped up. He noted that almost all of them had been tortured during the investigation.
“The trail is held behind closed doors. Police blocked roads in a radius of two kilometres from the court building, while the suspects’ relatives, journalists and human rights activists are not allowed to attend the trial.”

“We tried to help his [the journalist’s] family pay for a lawyer’s services, but we tumbled into the deaf wall of fear. We tried to use Hamidov’s friends but in vain. His former colleagues we were told were his friends turned way from him,” a stringer for Reporters Without Borders told

Hamidov was detained on 21 January after police searched his flat and seized video, audio and printing material on religious topics.

The Yangiyul district court has claimed notoriety after it jailed 11 people for five to seven years for taking part in illegal religious organisations earlier this month. In addition the trial of 15 suspects, it has also started the trial of 13 citizens on the same charges.

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Uzbekistan Jails Andijan Refugee For 10 Years After Returning From Exile

Posted by Info on 01/05/2010

Dilorom Abdukadirova, a refugee from Andijan who has returned home from exile in Australia, was jailed for 10 years and two months on the charges of anticonstitutional activities in Andijan today.

The Andijan town court tried Abdukadirova, 44, under three articles of the Uzbek Criminal Code – Article 223 illegal crossing the border, Article 159 attempting to overthrow the constitutional system and Article 244 taking part in riots.

Abdukadirova a mother of four, did not plead guilty because, she said, she did not commit any crime she was accused of.Her relatives were happy at today’s trial that she was defending herself because at the previous court session she looked sick and devastated and admitted her guilt.

It is hard to understand why the Uzbek authorities needed to jail the woman who came back home to be with her husband and four children whom she had not seen since 13 May 2005.

Others suggested that she had been punished for an interview she had given to journalists when she was in a refugee camp in Kyrgyzstan and told them about the government’s crushing of a rally in Andijan when troops killed hundreds of protesters.

Her son Mirolim said that Abdukadirova, 44, looked troubled, tired and sick. “They removed her hijab, we are sure they did it for purpose.” Relatives said that forcing to remove a hijab was as much as torture for the woman, but they did not rule out that she might have faced other methods of pressure and violence. At the trial Abdukadirova did not look at her relatives when she told the judge that she admitted her guilt, relatives said.
They think that she could not wilfully admit her guilt, because she committed no crime.

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