Human Rights Issues in Eurasia / Правовые Вопросы В Регионах Евразии

Control And Strict Rules In Chechen State University – Treat Of Expulsion

Posted by Info on 01/05/2010

The system of control and strict rules established in the Chechen State University (CSU) cause dissatisfaction among students. The attempt of students to express their protest against the university procedures has resulted in a threat of their expulsion from the university.

According to the students, the management has established an atmosphere of spying over students, while any dissent or an attempt to express their opinion on this or that issue are roughly suppressed.

University students relay that a group of students has expressed their protest against the rules established at the university. The action was entirely peaceful: the students left the university campus, took off their neckties and danced Lezghinka. Someone reported this to the university management, and the participants are under threat of expulsion. An anonymous student relayed that the parents of the students “at fault” were trying to resolve the problem, therefore, nobody wants to make the story public.

“…students are not admitted to classes if boys do not wear ties and girls kerchiefs, sudden checks are conducted during the classes. One may think that we are in a prison or in the army barracks and everyone must wear a uniform. The control is conducted by guards armed with batons”, said Aslan, a CSU student, claiming that any petty faults of students are immediately reported to the “top”.

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