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Amendments To Constitution In Line With Venice Commission’s Findings

Posted by Info on 02/05/2010

Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych has asked the government to draw up a bill amending the Ukrainian constitution in line with the Venice Commission’s findings and Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly (PACE) recommendations and submit it to the Verkhovna Rada for consideration, the presidential press service reported on Friday.

Yanukovych had issued such instructions to honor agreements that were reached during his working visit to Strasbourg on April 27, it said. The press service did not specify what constitutional amendments were planned.

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Brussels commemorates Andijan mass killings And Uzbekistan Punish Refugee

Posted by Info on 02/05/2010

The Uzbek government killed hundreds of people in Andijan in May 2005.There after the government killed and tortured to death those who witnessed the massacre so there are as fewer as possible living witnesses to the crime against humanity committed by the Karimov regime in Andijan. These people are still regarded as missing.

A conference devoted to the fifth anniversary of the mass killings in Andijan on 13 May 2005 will be organised at the European Parliament on 4 May by a number of international and Uzbek NGOs and those suffered in the Andijan events. New evidence of the regime of President Islam Karimov’s crimes committed in Andijan will be presented at the conference in Brussels.
Documents, collected by Uzbek activists, on the persecution of residents of Andijan will be made public at the conference. There has already been published a significant amount of evidence about the crushing of a rally.

At the same time in Uzbekistan :
Dilorom Abdukadirova, a refugee from Andijan who has returned home from exile in Australia, was jailed for 10 years and two months on the charges of anticonstitutional activities in Andijan on 30.April 2010. under three articles of the Uzbek Criminal Code – Article 223 illegal crossing the border, Article 159 attempting to overthrow the constitutional system and Article 244 taking part in riots.

Abdukadirova a mother of four, did not plead guilty because, she said, she did not commit any crime she was accused of.
It is hard to understand why the Uzbek authorities needed to jail the woman who came back home to be with her husband and four children whom she had not seen since 13 May 2005.

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Рейтинг Freedom House: СМИ в России по-прежнему «несвободны»

Posted by Info on 02/05/2010

Неправительственная правозащитная организация Freedom House опубликовала доклад о свободе печати в мире. Авторы доклада сочли, что в 2009 году пресса России была «несвободной». В общемировом зачете Россия заняла 175-е место в списке 196 стран.

В 2008 году Freedom House также признал российские СМИ «несвободными». Тогда Россия занимала 170-е место в этом рейтинге, деля его с Казахстаном, Йеменом и Суданом – ныне 173-е, разделив его с Гамбией. В предыдущем рейтинге Россия набрала 78 баллов (чем меньше баллов – тем выше рейтинг), в 2009 году – 81.

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