Human Rights Issues in Eurasia / Правовые Вопросы В Регионах Евразии

Was Lithuanian Woman Planning Bomb Attack In Russia ?

Posted by Info on 05/05/2010

Lithuanian woman, Egle Kusaite, 21, was arrested on March 28 in the Lithuanian capital Vilnius as she was boarding a flight to Russia. Some media reports have linked her with the terror attacks in the Moscow Metro, which happened a day later, after police found a bomb-making manual and a map of the Metro in her bags.
Kusaite has been under surveillance for several months. Police were monitoring her due to the anti-Russian messages she posted on the Internet. She also applied several times for a Russian visa, but was repeatedly denied.

Lithuanian investigators suspected that Kusaite had some sort of crime on her mind and launched a joint operation with their Russian counterparts. She was allowed to enter Russia, but was arrested en route.

Lithuanian media story : at the age of 18, the girl became engaged to a young man from Chechnya, who later left the country to an unknown destination. A year later, she fled her home and disappeared, to be discovered three months later in Germany living in a family of Chechen immigrants.
Her Lithuanian family said she went through a drastic change of character, becoming a highly religious and radical Muslim. Later she returned to her home country. Kusaite now remains in custody.

She, arrested in March after her links with extremist organization were discovered, was allegedly planning a suicide bombing attack at a Russian military site.

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