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Political Order: Businessman Freed From Terrorism But Sentenced To 5 Years

Posted by Info on 07/05/2010

Belarus: According to human rights activists, the verdict to businessmen Mikalai Autukhovich and Uladzimi Asipenka is following the political order of the authorities.

The case against Autukhovich is totally fabricated, his lawyer Pavel Sapelka says. The lawyer analyzed every episode of accusation of the businessman and evidence of guilt, given by investigators. He says most of them are either insignificant, or obtained in violation of the law, as for example sawed off TOZ 16 rifle, which was allegedly prepared to kill a high official on the entrepreneur’s order. Expect for this, no material evidence of Autukhovich’s guilt was found out during the process.

Mikalai Autukhovich has been sentenced to 5.2 years of imprisonement in a maximum security penal colony, Uladizmir Asipenka to 3 years in a standard regime penal colony.
The have been freed from a number of charges — in preparation of a terrorist attack against the former chairman of Grodna regional executive committee Uladzimir Sauchanka, in an attempt upon the former deputy Taxes and Charges Minister Vasil Kamenka. Only observation with the aim of finding damaging information was proved. The court admitted that the political prisoners haven’t committed socially dangerous acts.
Despite of that, Judge Alyaksei Tsyasyukhin found Mikalai Autukhovich guilty of illegal actions related to firearms, ammunition and explosive substances. Autukhovich is charged with keeping of just 5 cartridges.

After issuing the verdict people formed a line with portraits of political prisoners and chanted:“Shame!” and “Long live Belarus!” After that a number of oppositionists were detained by riot policemen.

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