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Medvedev Signs Resolution On Support Of Non-Profit NGOs

Posted by Info on 16/05/2010

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has signed a resolution “On ensuring in 2010 state support of non-profit non-governmental organisations (NGO) participating in the development of the civil society institutes.”

The president decided to “give to non-profit NGOs participating in the development of the civil society institutes, according to the list in the addendum, subsidies envisaged in the federal budget for 2010 worth 1 billion roubles for tenders and provision on their results of grants to other non-profit NGOs for the implementation of socially important projects.”

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Azerbaijan: Legal Framework To Prevent Illegal Activities = Internet Users

Posted by Info on 16/05/2010

Officials in Baku want the introduction of a licensing system for online radio and TV operations. Media rights advocates are decrying licensing plans as a means of control over the free flow of information.

Citing claims about Internet users’ alleged “illegal activities,” Minister of Communication and Information Technologies Ali Abbasov on April 17 called for the licensing of websites, including radio, TV and online “commercial services. There is no mechanism today to influence them.”

“There is no doubt, electronic media should be under control,..It is not permitted that everyone can say whatever comes into his mind, something against the state or pornographic materials. Therefore, a legal framework should be established in order to prevent illegal activities.” The number of Internet users in Azerbaijan at between 2.3 million to 3.0 million.

Despite a paucity of Internet Service Providers outside of Baku, the country features an active network of bloggers; social networking sites like Facebook are also routinely used to disseminate information critical of the government. Facebook reports that its number of users from Azerbaijan has increased by 50,000 people since January 2010 alone to almost 155,000 people.

Calling the licensing statements “a shameless offensive against the Internet,” international media watchdog Reporters Without Borders.

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