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Uzbekistan As Europe’s Biggest Prison For Media

Posted by Info on 17/05/2010

Journalists can be branded as the country’s “enemies” just for covering a political, economic or social issue such as poverty, public health or the situation of women.
When this happens, they may find the most absurd accusations being brought against them such as insulting the Uzbek people or religious extremism, the charge on which the popular radio host Khayrullo Khamidov is currently being tried. Or they may find themselves confined against their will to a psychiatric hospital like Jamshid Karimov, although he is the president’s nephew.

Reporters Without Borders also reiterates its incomprehension and disappointment at the European Union’s policy of dialogue, which has produced no improvement in the press freedom situation and solely benefits President Karimov and his government.

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Again Same Story: Poor Russia Threatened By Bloggers And Their News

Posted by Info on 17/05/2010

A blogger who worked with slain Ingush opposition journalist Magomed Yevloyev has been detained at night of May 4 in front of the apartment building where he lives in Moscow by Federal Security Service officers, who beat him up and planted drugs and explosives on him.
Prosecutors said Dudko broke the law on extremism with some of his blog posts.

Alexei, or Alaudin, Dudko, 39 was placed in the Butyrka pretrial prison May 7 after a Moscow court ordered his arrest. Butyrka officials had not let Dudko’s state-appointed lawyer visit him as of Sunday.Charges of drug trafficking and possession of explosives carry maximum sentences of 10 and four years, respectively.

Dudko, a Ukrainian national, contributed to Yevloyev’s opposition web site. He also provided technical support for the site and mirrored its content on his blog.

Yevloyev was shot dead after being taken into custody by Ingush police in August 2008. After that, Dudko became an independent blogger, mostly covering rebel attacks in his posts.

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Petition Regarding Andijan Events Addressed To UN And European Parliament

Posted by Info on 17/05/2010

Uzbek exiles commemorated the victims of the Andijan killings on 13 May 2005, started their rally at 1000 outside the Swedish parliament, and moved to the UN office in Sweden, attracting local Swedes’ attention to their cause.

Many Swedes signed a petition addressed to the UN and the European Parliament that they should demand an international probe into the Andijan events and the release of political prisoners in Uzbekistan. Azeris and Uighurs also joined the rally.

People who suffered from the Andijan events living in Sweden and other European countries refused to take part for reasons known only to them.

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Завершения Реформы Пенитенциарной Системы России Дождутся Не Все Заключенные

Posted by Info on 17/05/2010

Реформа идет – люди гибнут
Несмотря на объявленную президентом России Дмитрием Медведевым гуманизацию пенитенциарной системы, в российских следственных изоляторах (СИЗО) продолжают гибнуть люди. 30 апреля 2010 года в СИЗО “Матросская тишина” в Москве скончалась тяжелобольная Вера Трифонова. Ни следователь, ни судья ничего не предприняли для того, чтобы Трифонова получила жизненно необходимую медицинскую помощь.

Врач-эксперт 111-го Главного государственного центра судебно-медицинской и криминалистической экспертизы Светлана Мошенская утверждает, что для сотрудников Федеральной службы исполнения наказаний (ФСИН) тяжелая болезнь заключенного или подследственного не является аргументом. По ее словам, сейчас в московских СИЗО есть несколько человек, находящихся в очень тяжелом состоянии, одного из них приносят в зал суда на носилках. ….

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