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Putin’s ‘Democracy’ Is Wrapped In An Iron Fist

Posted by Info on 02/06/2010

Mr Putin was challenged in an unusually aggressive way by a leading Russian rock musician over the absence of political freedom in the country. “Without normal democratic development, the country has no future,” said Mr Putin curtly, visibly irritated. He also said that there was nothing wrong with opposition protests in principle. “If I see that people… are pointing to crucial issues that the authorities should pay attention to, what can be wrong with that? One should say, ‘thank you’.” But he added that if demonstrations caused inconvenience to other citizens, they should be banned.

But then once again Moscow police ruthlessly crushed one of the largest opposition protests of recent years in the evening on 31. May…. just two days after Prime Minister Vladimir Putin had said that similar rallies should be allowed to take place.

Over 100 people, representing a range of opposition groups from liberals to anarchists, were detained by police and shoved into waiting buses. There were also reports of 30 arrests at a similar rally in St Petersburg.

Activists gather on the last day of every month with 31 days to protest what they say is a violation of Article 31 of the Russian Constitution, which guarantees freedom of assembly. The protest involved over 1,000 people, and the massed ranks of police struggled to control the crowds.

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Chechen Mass Media Were Recommended To “Reorient Themselves”

Posted by Info on 02/06/2010

Workers of Chechen mass media were recommended to “reorient themselves” and “truthfully and objectively cover the events underway in the republic without silencing and concealing negative phenomena” – this was the task put in front of the heads of local mass media Minister on Foreign Relations of Chechnya.

According to his version, President of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov has “untied media’s hands in good sense of this word.” “Certainly, nobody likes criticism, but we all live in this republic and cannot ignore that our society still has the bureaucrats and phenomena, which hamper our progress on the way of creation and development. By holding back the truth, we play into the hands of negligent officials, corrupt employees and other negative phenomena in our society,”

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Strasbourg Court Reforms In Force Today

Posted by Info on 02/06/2010

The reform of the European Court of Human Rights, which is intended to speed up its work to deal with its backlog of 120,000 cases, officially comes into force Wednesday.

The reform, enabled by the Protocol 14 of the European Human Rights Convention, was long stalled by Russia, which signed the protocol in May 2006 but only ratified it in January, becoming the last of the Council of Europe’s 47 members to do so.

Almost a third of all complaints pending in the Strasbourg court in 2009 stemmed from Russia.

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Ten Uzbeks Sentenced For Alleged Religious Extremis

Posted by Info on 02/06/2010

The Nursi followers were charged with the production and distribution of material threatening public order and involvement in a banned organisation.

Surat Ikramov, the head of the Initiative Group of Independent Human Rights Activists of Uzbekistan, said the trial, like other trials of Muslims in Uzbekistan, had been conducted with violations of the procedure.
Relatives of the convicts insisted that their charges had been trumped up.

“The suspects do not hide their religiousness or involvement in the Nursi current. However, they do not agree that they are called extremists.”

The Nursi movement was banned in Turkey in 2000, after which some countries, including Uzbekistan and Russia, outlawed it, even though Said Nursi spread ideas of tolerance. Over 200 Uzbeks have been sentenced for following Nursi ideas the past few years.

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