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Concern Over Possible Terrorist Strikes During 2014 Winter Olympic Games

Posted by Info on 03/06/2010

Many countries may face growing global terrorism threats, Alexander Bortnikov ,the head of the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) said “An analysis of the current terrorism issue shows an increase in terrorism risk threats to most countries, regardless of their economic development, military potential or state structure.”
“Sometimes, entire regions are influenced by terrorists,” the FSB chief said referring to Russia’s volatile region of the North Caucasus.

Bortnikov said that already in 2010, Russian security forces prevented 23 terrorist attacks and detained more than 250 militants.
The FSB chief called for further cooperation between national and international security bodies in a multilateral format to increase the effectiveness of the fight against global terrorism.

Bortnikov expressed concern over possible terrorist strikes during the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi.

“A real threat from Al Qaeda caused the cancellation of the Dakar-2008 rally, the first time in the history of this prestigious race. In this regard, the intentions of several ringleaders playing the same scenario ahead of the 2014 Winter Olympics have been clearly heard.

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Sharia Is More Important Than Russia’s Laws: said Kadyrov,Chechen President

Posted by Info on 03/06/2010

Kadyrov opposes traditional Chechen Islam of Sufi persuasion to radical jihadism, the article quoted Kadyrov as saying: “In my personal view, Sharia is above the laws of the Russian Federation.”

Kadyrov made a similar statement in April : “I am a Muslim. I am a man of faith. In this life there is nothing above religion for me.” And he added that the religion requires to “respect the law”.

According to the analyst, Carnegie Center expert Alexei Malashenko, who wrote last year the book “Ramzan Kadyrov: Russian politician of Caucasian nationality”, Chechen president, in the most controversial way, combines the deep religiosity with habits of such Muslim playboy. “Religion allows him, first of all, to control the society, in particular through the mosque, dissemination of such ‘national and religious’ syncretism throughout the Chechen society thickly fogs a series of murders and abductions, that mark the life in the republic up to present.”

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