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Azerbaijan: 31 Persons Accused Of Terrorism Sentenced To Imprisonment

Posted by Info on 19/06/2010

On June 17, at the Court for Grave Crimes of Azerbaijan, where the trial on the case of a group of citizen of the republic, accused of terrorism and attempt to overthrow the power, some of the defendants stated their innocence.

Defendants Emin Dzhami, Vusal Isaev, Elnur Gaziev and some others rejected any lawyer’s services whatsoever. “We have no money to hire advocates; and we have no trust in those appointed by the state.

And in general, in the Azerbaijani judicial system it’s senseless to hire advocates, as the courts all the same fulfil orders of the investigation,a relative of one of the defendants, who preferred to remain anonymous.

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Tajikistan Will Accept Refugess from Kyrgyzstan

Posted by Info on 19/06/2010

“The Tajik authorities have notified the United Nations that they are ready to help their Kyrgyz brothers if the situation worsens and people start crossing the border. In any event, Tajikistan should make preparations to accept refugees from Kyrgyzstan.” ” said Ilija Todorovic, the representative of the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

He said the situation in southern Kyrgyzstan was volatile and a certain number of refugees would probably move into Tajikistan.

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