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Three Guantanamo Detainees In Slovakia Reported To Be On A Hunger-Strike

Posted by Info on 26/06/2010

Slovak authorities are currently deciding on what legal status the three detainees will be granted.

Three former detainees from Guantanamo Bay (Gitmo) who were transferred to Slovakia on January 25 are on a hunger strike, Branislav Tichý, the director of Amnesty International Slovensko said the three are protesting bad conditions and the treatment they are receiving from Slovak authorities in a detention facility Tichý described their living conditions as poor – having only beds and a sink at their disposal and being allowed to leave their rooms for only an hour per day.

The three, who arrived in Slovakia in January, are frustrated because they are isolated under “condition similar to Guantanamo” in the camp for foreigners in western Slovakia.

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Belarus: Participants Of Meeting For Free Internet Sent To Prison

Posted by Info on 26/06/2010

On June 23 the riot militia dispersed a peaceful meeting on Minsk against decree #60 On Measures Improve the Use of the National Segment of Interment coming into force on July 1. The decree is worked out to tighten control of the Belarusian authorities over the Internet in the country.

Nine participants of the meeting for free Internet and against decree #60 spent the night in prison and then stood trial.
The people gathered in Freedom Square holding shits of paper with the text “Freedom to Internet” in hands. The participants wore T-shirts depicting the text “Decree 60” crossed in a red circle and an inscription “Freedom to Internet”. The young people stayed on the square for three minutes, then officers of special purpose militia regiment came and detained them. The activists were taken to the Tsentralny district militia department on a militia car.

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