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FSB Wants to Shut Down Sites at Will

Posted by Info on 28/06/2010

Prosecutors may get to shut down web sites over extremism charges for an unlimited time if the State Duma passes new legislation drafted by the Federal Security Service.

Internet service providers will be obliged to shut down web sites within three days upon receiving a “motivated letter” from prosecutors, according to the draft.

Sites will be able to return online only after a court rules that they did not violate anti-extremism laws. Even if a web site wins its case, it may be kept offline for up to a month from the day it was suspended.

The FSB legislation is to be a part of a raft of amendments to the 1995 information law that is being prepared by the Communications and Press Ministry.

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Kyrgyz Referendum ‘Backs Constitutional Change Plan’- Medvedev Not Happy

Posted by Info on 28/06/2010

Voters in Kyrgyzstan have given clear approval to a new constitution giving parliament more power.
With nearly all the votes counted, the election commission said 90% of voters were in favour of the plan to limit the president’s powers.
Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said he feared the move could fuel extremism.

Interim leader Roza Otunbayeva called the vote historic, saying the Central Asian nation was now on the path “to a true government of the people”.A US State Department spokesman welcomed the orderly vote and said the US hoped it constituted “an effective step towards stable, democratic governance”.

But speaking to reporters at the G20 summit in Canada, Mr Medvedev said adopting a parliamentary constitution could fuel extremism in Kyrgyzstan.

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