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Medvedev Warns West Not to Meddle in FSB Bill – “”It Is Our Legislation!”

Posted by Info on 19/07/2010

The bill, submitted by the government last month, allows the FSB to summon and issue warnings to people whose actions it deems could lead to a terrorist or extremist crime. There are no concrete definitions for such actions in the bill.

President Dmitry Medvedev curtly warned foreign countries against meddling in Russia’s domestic security issues referring to a bill aimed at expanding the powers of the Federal Security Service.

“The law on the FSB is our domestic bill. Every country has a right to improve its legislation, including related to the special services,” Medvedev snapped back when asked by a German reporter about his attitude toward the bill.
Medvedev said that what was going on in the Duma was decided on his direct orders. It was not clear whether he meant the initiation of the bill or the decision to weaken it.

A Kremlin spokeswoman could not clarify by telephone. “You’d better ask the president himself,” she said.

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