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Medvedev – New Police Law To Be Posted On Web For Discussion

Posted by Info on 06/08/2010

A revised police law will be posted on the Internet for public discussion on August 7, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said on Friday.

“Tomorrow the law will be presented to the people. The discussion of this law will go on for a considerable amount of time, I would propose until mid-September, on a specially created website законопроект2010.ру”

The Russian presidential and government websites became the first to use the Cyrillic Internet domain .ру after it was officially launched in Russia in May. Posting a law on the Internet for public discussion is unprecedented, Medvedev said.

“If the experiment… is successful, and I hope it will be, then we will be able to use it to discuss other important laws,” Medvedev said.

The bill was posted on
The new bill envisages that the police officers while performing the duties have the rights to engage citizens for freelance and establish tacit cooperation with those interested in cooperation with police.The bill also said the Police can pay the citizens for the assistance.

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